OOm Has Been Named A Pre-Approved Vendor Of The New Digital Marketing PSG

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OOm is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as one of the first pre-approved vendors for the new Digital Marketing Productivity Solution Grant (PSG).


This comes shortly after it was reported that the PSG would be expanded to include digital marketing solutions, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to receive up to 80% support for the funds they put in to develop their online presence from pre-approved vendors.


OOm’s Digital Performance Marketing Package is designed to cater to SMEs to help them increase online sales or leads. The agency aims to assist SMEs in developing a digital marketing strategy, creating content, and implementing digital marketing campaigns so as to support or boost their businesses.


Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore with 15 years of experience, OOm has served a diverse range of clients – from multinational corporations (MNCs) to government entities and SMEs. The agency is confident it is equipped with the right tools and people to manage clients from various industries to reach their digital marketing goals. 


OOm is incredibly excited to embark on this journey of being one of the pre-approved vendors for the Digital Marketing PSG grant and is looking forward to assisting our clients in winning business through digital marketing


“We are glad that the PSG grant has been expanded to include digital marketing solutions so more SMEs in Singapore can benefit from it, particularly during the pandemic when businesses have taken a hit. OOm is a full-service digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience and we are confident in our ability to help these SMEs in gaining a stronger foothold in the vast digital landscape,” said the CEO and Co-Founder of OOm, Ian Cheow. 


“The Digital Marketing PSG grant is an initiative that we are grateful to be a part of – not only will we be assisting SMEs in venturing out of their comfort zones into the online arena, we will also be imparting digital marketing knowledge to them so that they can build their online presence independently in future.” said the COO and Co-Founder of OOm, Wyvan Xu. 


If your SME business is looking to drive the right traffic and audience, relying on digital marketing platforms and strategies will help you grow your business exponentially and our team at OOm will be able to assist you with that through the Digital Marketing PSG grant. For more information, visit our website