Time and time again, we have reiterated how everything changes fast in the digital marketing industry, especially with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Because of this, SEO strategies from different SEO companies are doing everything they could in order to track their every move. In doing this, it is necessary to always rely on the facts the realtime data that you have since this allows you to get a more objective way of assessing your current standing. There might be a lot of confusion when it comes to how fast things are in the digital space. With this, the accuracy of your data will become your anchor.


In line with this, it cannot be avoided that your rankings on the search engine result pages or SERPs may change. After all, these rankings reflect how your campaigns fare online. There are times, too, that these rankings fluctuate more than you have expected. During these moments, some SEO strategists may panic because the rankings they had thought of as stable suddenly declined. Fluctuating SEO rankings can really happen and we’re here to tell you what to do during those moments. Relax, focus, and get going!



Should I Panic During SEO Ranking Fluctuations?


Just as we have said, you do not need to panic and no, fluctuating SEO rankings are not necessarily bad. More than this, rankings really fluctuate in some instances, in most search results especially if you are to look at the bottom half of the first page. You may see fluctuating rankings more so on succeeding pages like on the second page, third, fourth, and so on.


In fact, SERP fluctuation is pretty common. It is actually the rankings that stay the same for a long time that are unusual—rankings on number one, two or three that have not changed for long periods of time. There really will be moments that you check the results and these changes welcome you. On other moments, you will find them in their usual positions.



What Can I Expect During SEO Ranking Fluctuations?


Now that you are calm and aware that this is perfectly normal, how can you now anticipate these changes? Yes, we know that change can be surprising, all the while they can truly be terrifying. To become calmer during these changes, it may help to already lay out a few projections so you can now anticipate the possible things that can happen, and follow through the right protocol that you have planned for each. Remember these things:


1. You Can Expect That There Will Be More SEO Ranking Fluctuations In The Lower Results Than On The Higher Results.

Once you reach one of the top results, you can now lower down your guard because the chances of your rank to fluctuate becomes lessened than if you were at the bottom pages.


2. It’s Actually More Unusual For Those Who Have Topped The Rankings On The SERPs To Fluctuate.

There are more fluctuations before you have reached that spot than when you have been there for continued periods of time. The first and second result might change, but the fourth, fifth or sixth usually don’t.


3. There Will Also Be Fluctuations On The Top Results When There’s A Temporal Aspect Involved.

You may have noticed search results that concern news or any other current affairs. During these instances, you can expect that the top results will always fluctuate in case there are more recent happenings or fresher headlines.



How Do I Deal With SEO Ranking Fluctuations?


Now that you have noted a few things that you should know, what’s now left for you to do with the fluctuations you are experiencing?


1. Relax. We must have repeated ourselves over and over that you must not panic when faced with SEO ranking fluctuations because this is perfectly normal. Just because your rankings have changed, does not mean you have to immediately change your strategies. As long as the fluctuations are normal just as we have described, you can just keep your cool.


2. Measure your standing in weeks, not days. Give your rankings some time. Instead of obsessing over it and checking it every other day, if not every day, observe your rankings in weeks, four to six weeks or rankings, in particular.


3. Check your fluctuations with your competitors. This will allow you to figure out if it’s you or it’s just the Google algorithm. If it’s only you that’s fluctuating, you better check out your campaign design now.


4. Compare your rankings to your traffic. If your traffic count looks consistent, then you really should not panic.


5. Be wary about the pages declining ranks all at once. Now, this calls for a serious case of rechecking your campaigns. It’s fairly normal to for your SEO rankings to fluctuate, but if all your pages decline all at once, then you must be concerned.


That’s pretty much about what we can say about SEO ranking fluctuations. To sum it all up, here’s the thing: don’t worry. Even if it’s normal or not, you cannot possibly make the right decisions if you are worrying too much. For better handling, it is best for you to trust the professionals who have already gained expertise with SEO, like OOm.

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