Unwrapping Success: The Power of Spotify Wrapped Campaigns



As the year draws to a close, it is not just about festive lights and holiday cheer. For music enthusiasts and marketers, it is the highly anticipated season of Spotify Wrapped — a time to engage subscribers but also a goldmine for marketers looking to tap into the power of personalised campaigns. 


Keep reading to uncover how data-driven insights can transform a year’s worth of listening habits into a captivating and uniquely tailored experience.


What Is Spotify Wrapped? 


More than a recap, Spotify Wrapped is a virtual time capsule that encapsulates the highs, the lows, and the beats that define your year. From the moment you hit play on your favourite tracks to the times you discovered hidden gems, every beat is accounted for. Spotify Wrapped transforms raw data into a visual and auditory feast, providing a deeper look into your listening habits and preferences.


As you unveil your Wrapped playlist, it becomes a conversation starter, a shared experience among friends and a chance to discover common musical ground.


What makes Spotify Wrapped truly special is its exclusivity — it is a year-end gift reserved solely for Spotify users. To unwrap your year in audio, all you need is a Spotify account and a few hours spent immersed in the tunes and podcasts you love.


The Resounding Success of Spotify Wrapped


Since its inception in 2016, the Spotify Wrapped campaign has evolved from a simple feature to an indispensable cultural phenomenon, leaving an indelible mark on both listeners and marketers alike.


  • Shareable Moments in a Snap




One of Spotify Wrapped‘s key strengths lies in its easily shareable format. With quick links to repost on favourite social media platforms, users can effortlessly share their musical highlights with friends and followers, turning individual experiences into communal celebrations.


  • Explosive Growth in Social Buzz




From 2020 to 2021, there was a staggering 461% increase in the volume of tweets about Spotify Wrapped, according to Sprout Social. The excitement continued to crescendo in 2022, with a 17% increase in total engagements and potential impressions. In just three days, Spotify Wrapped made waves with a remarkable 425,000,000 tweets. This not only signifies the scale of user engagement but also highlights the platform’s ability to spark conversations and create a social media frenzy around personalised musical summaries.


Spotify Wrapped 2022’s Features That Reshaped the Musical Experience


Spotify introduced features that transcended the conventional boundaries of the year-end recap in 2022: 


  • Listening Personality




This new feature deciphered the language of listeners’ music taste, adding an enriching layer of personalisation and insight to their entire Wrapped experience. Users could dive into the realm of 16 distinct listening personality types meticulously crafted, redefining their auditory journey. 


  • Audio Day




Users were invited on an immersive exploration into the niche moods and aesthetic nuances of the songs that coloured their mornings, defined their midday rhythm, and serenaded their evenings. This feature captured the diverse landscapes of listeners’ musical preferences at different times of the day, offering a peek into evolving tastes. 


Exciting New Features in Spotify Wrapped 2023


Now that Spotify Wrapped 2023 has been officially launched, there is an array of exciting new features that promise to elevate the year-end music experience. 





Get ready to unveil a personalised streaming narrative that encapsulates your distinctive music preferences and habits. Each flip of your card exposes a unique listening character meticulously crafted to mirror your individual tastes and behaviours on Spotify. Explore all 12 captivating characters and discover the essence of your musical journey throughout the year.


  • Sound Town




Sound Town ingeniously connects you with a city that resonates with your music preferences and artist affinity. 


  • Top 5 Genres




This feature offers a delightful glimpse into the ranking of your favourite music genres, presented in a playful design inspired by everyone’s beloved sandwich concept.


  • Top 5 Artists




Explore your musical journey with Top 5 Artists, revealing the peak months of your listening for each artist throughout the year. This feature paints a comprehensive picture of your Spotify year, showcasing the artists who played a pivotal role in crafting the soundtrack of your experiences.


  • Your Artist Messages




Unlock personalised messages from your top artists with Your Artist Messages, adding an exclusive touch to your Wrapped experience. This includes iconic names like Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Peso Pluma, Dolly Parton, NewJeans, SZA, and Jung Kook.


Leveraging the Spotify Wrapped Trend for Marketers


As Spotify Wrapped becomes an eagerly anticipated annual event, marketers can leverage this trend to connect with their audience in a more meaningful way. Crafting campaigns that align with users’ music preferences and incorporating the Spotify Wrapped experience into marketing strategies can do wonders.


  • Personalisation is Key


The essence of Spotify Wrapped lies in personalisation and marketers can harness this by tailoring their campaigns to align with users’ individual music preferences. Whether it is curating playlists that resonate with the Wrapped experience or incorporating personalised messages, making the marketing strategy feel as unique as a user’s musical journey enhances engagement.


  • Creating Shareable Moments


By aligning with the shareable nature of Spotify Wrapped, brands can organically extend their reach through the networks of engaged users. Marketers can tap into this by creating campaigns that encourage user-generated content, sparking conversations, and fostering a sense of community. 


  • Building Anticipation


Despite the familiar structure of Spotify Wrapped, its yearly surge in social media presence showcases the enduring appeal of this personalised marketing campaign. What was once a feature has evolved into a shared experience, an annual tradition that captivates audiences and sparks a collective celebration of individual musical tastes.


Creative Showcases: Spotify Wrapped-Inspired Campaigns


Join us as we explore how brands and creatives ingeniously incorporate the spirit of Spotify Wrapped to engage audiences in exciting and unexpected ways.


1. OOm Pte Ltd



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OOm, a dynamic digital marketing agency, harnessed the Spotify Wrapped campaign to not only spotlight key achievements but also provide a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of its employees. Noteworthy examples include “OOm spent 124,800 minutes optimising client campaigns” and “This year, our meetings took us to places: Tuas, Jurong Island, and more.” This innovative approach not only showcases the agency’s accomplishments but also adds a personal touch.


2. Penguin Teen



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Renowned book publisher, Penguin Teen, seamlessly hopped on the Spotify Wrapped bandwagon, bringing a touch of wit to their campaign that champions reading and the passion for books. Their approach is both clever and relatable, with engaging examples such as “You promised yourself one more chapter 247 nights this year. Are you tired?” This witty spin resonates profoundly with book lovers, capturing the irresistible allure of staying engrossed in a favourite book.


3. HubSpot



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HubSpot, the software company, embraced a relatable approach in their campaign, drawing attention with clever examples like “You explained 187 TikTok trends to your millennial boss” and “You’re in the top 1% of closers in Q4. Keep going!” By infusing humour and relevance into its messaging, HubSpot not only showcases its understanding of the contemporary work culture but also motivates and applauds the accomplishments of its target demographic. It is a savvy and engaging way to communicate, fostering a sense of camaraderie with the audience.


4. Brand Assembly



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Brand Assembly, a dynamic business platform and community dedicated to propelling fashion and lifestyle brands, showcased ingenuity by leveraging the Spotify Wrapped 2023 template to promote its upcoming trade shows. Taking inspiration from Top Genres, they artfully communicated the diverse themes attendees can anticipate at the events. This creative use of the template not only adds a fresh and engaging touch to their promotional strategy but also effectively previews the vibrant and multifaceted experiences that await participants.


5. NuMarket



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Dedicated to fostering the growth of food and beverage businesses through crowdfunding campaigns, NuMarket adopted the Top Genres template to highlight their team’s endeavours over the past year. What adds a delightful twist is the alignment of the Top Genres template with the hierarchy represented in a sandwich form, not only communicating their achievements but also reflecting the company’s playful and innovative approach to their mission.


6. Aunt Flow



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E-commerce brands have the opportunity to harness the power of the Spotify Wrapped campaign, as exemplified by Aunt Flow. This brand, dedicated to producing menstrual products and championing accessibility for everyone, utilised the campaign to spotlight its notable achievements this year. For instance, Aunt Flow played a pivotal role in facilitating over 1,600,000 students’ return to school in the fall by having access to their products in bathroom facilities. This strategic use of the Spotify Wrapped template not only celebrates the brand’s impact but also effectively communicates its commitment to a meaningful cause, aligning its success with a tangible and positive social outcome.


7. Goodles



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Goodles, the mac and cheese brand, harnessed the Spotify Wrapped campaign to invite enthusiasts to explore their products while showcasing the variety they offer. With enticing examples such as “You ate 11,612 bowls this year, but one came out on top,” Goodles not only engages their audience but also adds an element of playful competition. Additionally, the introduction of the top 5 mac and cheese flavours serves as a mouthwatering teaser, enticing customers to discover and savour the delicious range that Goodles has to offer. 


8. Linktree



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Linktree, the innovative platform empowering content creators to effortlessly share their creations and merchandise across social media with a single link, took a clever spin by adopting the Top 5 Songs template to amplify their messaging on link utilisation. With playful examples like “Cha ching when the brand deal $$ comes in” and “Saying ‘link in bio’ at the end of every video,” Linktree seamlessly integrates humour with the everyday experiences of content creators. This approach not only underscores the value of using links but also resonates with the challenges and triumphs faced by those navigating the diverse landscape of social media.


9. Just Media Things



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justmediathingss (@justmediathingss)


Established in 2019, Just Media Things emerged with a singular focus: crafting relatable memes tailored for individuals navigating the media, marketing, and advertising industries. In true Just Media Things fashion, their Spotify Wrapped 2023 campaign sparked laughter with examples such as “This year, your listening took you places because your annual leave couldn’t” and “You had room for one more Return to Office Day. Yay to more online meetings with people in the same building.” This campaign not only showcases their signature wit but also underscores the brand’s commitment to providing a humourous sanctuary for professionals in the fast-paced media landscape.


Spotify Wrapped: More Than a Playlist


In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, standing out is essential. Spotify Wrapped offers a unique opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience on a personal level. By weaving personalised campaigns into the fabric of this annual tradition, brands not only capture attention but also foster a deeper connection with their audience. 


Marketers who embrace this trend and tailor their campaigns accordingly will find themselves at the forefront of a cultural phenomenon, reaping the benefits of a more connected and captivated audience.


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