It is that time of the year once again! Christmas is coming soon and with this goes many digital campaigns. Merchants want their patrons to enjoy their Yuletide season products. Depending on their industry, they have to come up with interesting digital campaigns.


Their patrons, especially younger consumers, are hooked online. Keeping this is mind, the digital campaigns have to be effective. How can it be done?


1. Pick Your Discount Campaign



Famous brands lure their patrons with fabulous discounts! This is a popular practice pre-holiday. Since there are many stocks that are being cleared, taking advantage of deals is good. It is rare to buy gifts that are more than 30% off. Thus, when the merchant’s digital marketing campaign shows a higher discount, its patron awaits it.


2. Recipe Submission


The Christmas holiday season is filled with special food preparation. In this contest, the restaurant can ask the patron to give a favored Christmas recipe or delicacy. In the submission, a mouth-watering photo of the food is shown. Mention the reason why the food is superb. Also, give a wonderful experience with the featured food. The chosen patron wins a fabulous prize!


3. Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap


During the exciting Christmas season, cookies are a staple food product. For the digital exchange, followers of the cookie brand submit their most liked recipe. When all submissions are in, voting is done for the most popular kind. However, if voting is not the preferred style of the merchant, simply showing a gallery of the cookie recipes is cool.


4. Instagram Hashtag Contest


Be grateful to Facebook for the presence of Instagram! With tons of users and followers for photos, it has become a household name in digital marketing. Thus, the campaign can make use of the product photo along with a hashtag in the caption. Explain why the product appeals. The chosen winners will be granted great prizes!


5. Christmas #ShareTheLove Hashtag Contest



Since Christmas is about giving and sharing, a hashtag contest for the brand is fit. Two identical prizes go to the sender and recipient. The first person gives the prize to the person in the photo. Choose the favored recipient for the image. Using Instagram, a hashtag #YOURCOMPANYShareTheLove, is shown. The entries received goes to the person. 


6. Multi-Day Giveaway Calendar



Use a calendar template for this digital campaign. For each day of December, a prize is unlocked! There are different prizes daily. Guests give their information online. The goal is to be a winner for a day! Christmas “Countdown To Christmas” stimulates a lot of excitement! As Christmas nears, the prizes become more spectacular!


7. Christmas “The Great Gift Generator”


A merchant has loads of Christmas products. Through a digital questionnaire, the guest fills it up with questions about the recipient. Based on these questions, the merchant suggests possible gifts to give. Then, the guest sees it on the screen. Thus, the ideal gift is generated to the sender. If he thinks the recipient likes it, he can buy it.


8. Bonding Buffet


A global airline let its waiting passengers at an airport have a “bonding buffet.” The buffet serving table was high up in the air. It aimed to let the people socialize with each other. Certainly, there was a catch! Once 20 people sat down, it was a signal for the food to be brought down. Slowly but surely, each seat was taken. Passers-by were also invited to eat with them.


9. Email Marketing


Merchants give regular updates to their patrons about new products. Especially for the Christmas season, these come early and continuously. The email is filled with photos of holiday products. With reputable brand endorsers, they show enjoyment for the product. Christmas props are also used along with the product to generate interest.


10. Mobile Marketing


Prepare the digital campaign for mobile platform as well. Since the patron probably uses a smartphone, receiving mobile updates about Christmas products is good. Bear in mind that the limited period of the promo shall entice the patron. Based on mobile usage, at least 20% of consumers buy online on this platform.


11.Show Gratitude To Patrons

On YouTube, a digital Christmas greeting card appears with the text and animation. It is a great way to express gratitude for the patrons. Cool brand moving graphics can also be shown made especially for Christmas. Along with the card, play Christmas background music. This shall set the mood of the patron for the season.


12. Authentic Fan Photos and Content

The patron posts digital photos of himself using the product. A caption explains why he loves the product. Outstanding photos of regular people with the product can appear in the brand’s digital page such as Facebook. Famous people who also find happiness with the brand are shown.


These are only some of the effective digital campaigns that brands can use for the Christmas holiday season. As a whole, make an original campaign that catches the patron’s attention. In this manner, the Christmas products shall have continuous digital marketing.

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