5 Tips To Marketing Flower Shops In Singapore

Here in Singapore, people are specific about gestures. We all love showing people how much they mean to us, be it with formal relationships or intimate ones. We are also very particular about how we would express the things we feel towards a person. This is why most of us also rely on what a bouquet of flowers can bring.


With this said, it cannot be denied that the flower shop industry in Singapore really thrives. Many are ordering flowers—perhaps a bouquet of red roses— to express love for their significant other. One may also buy a splendid bouquet for a loved one who has just had their birthday, graduation, or any other occasion, special or not. Any day can be made special with a bouquet of flowers. So, if you own a flower shop here in Singapore and you are having a hard time making your brand known by the public, we might have a few tips to share with you:



Enter Digital Marketing


First things first. If you want to improve your flower shop business, you must let the massive public know that you offer such services. This allows them to consider you as one of the options if they ever need flower delivery services. For small to medium businesses, promoting your brand the traditional way—which is through TV, print or radio—can be really expensive. If you want to make your brand known by the public, consider entering digital marketing. With the help of experts or by learning it closely, you can set up your own website and start releasing campaigns!



Set Up Your Social Media Account

We all know the volume of people who stay on social media to fulfil different kinds of things or different kinds of tasks. Mainly, people on social media just want to let loose a little: connect with family and friends, see how the world is doing, and more! With this light atmosphere on social media, it becomes all the more strategic to introduce your brand and inform them how your brand can help their everyday lives.


More than this, social media is now becoming big in Singapore garnering about 4.4 million active users which are 77% of the country’s total population. With this massive audience, your flower shop will have a good shot of becoming more popular.



Launch Seasonal Campaigns


Now that you have social media accounts and a website ready, the campaigns you are going to launch will be the key to becoming known more by your consumers. Since search engine algorithms today like Google is geared more towards user experience, it may take a lot for you to rank up the SERPs if you do not consider well what the users will enjoy.


In line with this, it will be greatly strategic for you to launch campaigns based on what the occasion is since every special occasion must be celebrated with a bouquet of wonderful flowers. During Valentine’s Day or even Graduation Day, many are now looking for reliable flower shops that can produce bouquets and other needs for them. Make sure your brand will be the one they are going to see!



Try Out Google Ads


Another way to market your brand here in Singapore is to finally seek the services of Google Ads. For a price, your creative banners can appear in sites that are strategic enough for your consumers to try out your brand. With this choice, you can try out Search Ads where you boost your brand online using keywords, and strategic targeting. You can also opt for display ads where you are supposed to customise display banners that will highly represent your brand. These display banners will also be good for your flower shop since it can literally show how good your flower shop is. In an age, too, where a lot of things are already fast-paced, something that would easily grab the attention of your users would be the best way to market your brand.



Offline Marketing

Of course, you should not take for granted your marketing on the ground where you really meet your customers. Having great customer service is also a way of earning the trust of your customers. By exemplifying great marketing and customer service offline, you will surely be preferred by your customers the next time they would need flower bouquet services.


Here are just a few of the things that you can do in order to market your flower shops here in Singapore. It truly is challenging to market niche brands here in Singapore. We may even have a few things to share about niche brands; you can check out what we have to say here.


Lastly, everything will boil down to how passionate you are with your craft. If your customers see how much you love bringing in joy and beauty with the flowers you offer, they will surely be interested! Focus on doing your craft and entrust your digital marketing campaigns to SEO companies of SEM agencies like OOm.