Best SEO Memes


In this age where countless and endless memes are a thing, in every industry, it is impossible that the world of Search Engine Optimization is not going to be part of the bandwagon. But before we dive into a series of humorous and relatable memes, let’s be a bit technical so we can understand what these viral symbols truly mean. According to Google, memes are a system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation. In other words, these are the modern way of doing news parody in the digital age. We use a comedic approach to convey our messages (or sometimes to indirectly rant) to our target market (or sometimes bosses/clients).


Our team collected a couple of the most popular (and funny but realistic) memes that only a true SEO strategist can understand. Scroll down and laugh your a** out with all these funny memes.


Disclaimer: The photos or samples below are sourced on the Internet, have been featured in different sites, and have been known as one of the most popular memes about the SEO industry. All credits are due to the owners. Moreover, the contents of each meme do not necessarily portray the views and opinion of anyone in our company. We just find it… you know, funny. 🙂



Expectation VS Reality



We know, right?



Confusions are real.



Well, what else can we say?



There’s an actual science in social media. Is there?



Error 404.



You can’t just say what you want! That’s not how it works. 🙁



Oh, wait, what? There’s a guideline?



It really does!



What are snippets again?






You do. Do you?



It’s profiling, baby!



We don’t friggin’ care. We like to be everywhere!



Ha ha ha (repeat 10 times)



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



Headlines are important! Aren’t they?



Hi, friends!









Because everyone is online…



Who did, then?



But, pandas are supposed to be adorable…



No. A rocket scientist.



You can actually do that?



Versions. Versions. Versions.






We’ll give you 50 likes! 🙂



We can’t get enough!






You can still click to the second page, right?



Oh shoot!



Ctrl + Shift + N



Chase all the way!









What happened to the death star, again?



How about every hour? 🙂



Please? 🙁





Humor is a factor

Believe it or not, memes can be used for brands too. It’s not just an entertainment means for the industry. You can take advantage of the undeniable viral potential of memes to market your brand in a good way. With proper use of context and creativity, you can be a hit on the Internet. Memes has the combination of the attention grabbing print ads and the humor that can be obtain on TV commercials. You can reach your target market in an easier and more effective way.


And, of course, in this world where we are dead serious to own the number one spot, it pays to have a little humor to tingle the interest of our target audience. A little comedy can go a long way.