Meme Marketing: How To Use Internet Memes For Marketing?

The modern Internet culture gave birth to one of the most prolific changes in pop culture: memes. Whether you find them funny or not, memes are a big part of the Internet.


Perhaps you can use Internet memes to your advantage? Meme marketing can help your business succeed on social media. By using memes for marketing, your brand can connect with thousands of people online.


Most people who enjoy memes are from the younger generations, mainly Millennials and Gen Z. Nonetheless, even older generations can still enjoy Internet memes, especially those with a particular sense of humour.


However, Internet memes are evolving, along with most people’s taste in comedy. You have to know whether or not your target audience will find your meme marketing strategies funny. In that case, try to understand the meaning and importance of Internet memes for digital marketing first.



Internet Memes: Valuable Assets For Marketing

Memes were already a thing in the early 2000s. They come in the form of pictures, texts, concepts, and even songs. Once a meme goes viral, it has the potential to become a certified hit on the Internet.


However, not all memes last long, with some even only lasting a few months or years before they finally die out. Internet memes such as “Me Gusta” and “rage” comics have lost their lustre and aged poorly after their inception in the late 2000s and early 2010s.


Internet Memes For Marketing

Pictured above: an example of a rage comic with a Me Gusta meme in the last panel.


Nowadays, memes have evolved and taken in many forms. Catchphrases, viral videos, running gags—these are just examples of Internet memes that you can use for digital marketing.


As marketing assets, Internet memes are useful for engaging with a specific audience. While younger generations resonate with memes the most, you can still target a broader audience that consists of young and old consumers by creating a successful meme marketing strategy.


Using Internet memes as an effective marketing strategy can help you gain a large following on social media. But you also have to utilise memes properly, or else your plan will backfire and leave a poor impression on your customers.


In summary, meme marketing is an effective business strategy, but only if you know how to use Internet memes properly. Try including memes in your social media marketing campaign to connect with your target audience.



How To Use Memes For Marketing


1. Match Your Brand Voice

Before you start including memes in your social media content, you should consider your brand voice first. Brand voice refers to your business’s personality.


A matching brand voice is vital for meme marketing, as it will help you set the tone of your message and content. Without a matching brand voice, your memes will fail to connect with your audience, resulting in a potential loss of social media followers.


Use Memes In Marketing


For example, check out the above ad by Seamless, an online food delivery service in the United States. The brand used the title of the award-winning movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and spun a unique twist to make their very own meme. As a result, the meme marketing strategy works for Seamless since it matches their brand voice.


2. Be Updated On The Latest Memes

What is trendy and funny today could be gone and forgotten tomorrow. That is why you always need to be on the lookout for the latest memes.


Know More: Internet Memes: Then and Now


Be updated on the latest memes to know which ones are worth using for marketing. Some memes may have aged poorly, while others are already irrelevant. Watch out for the many constant changes by monitoring your social media followers and checking on your feed from time to time.


3. Be Original And Make Unique Memes

As mentioned earlier, you can make original and unique memes similar to the one made by Seamless. Doing so is much better than using a pre-existing template as it will last longer and is at a lower risk of being irrelevant as time goes on.


Original memes are harder to use for social media marketing, but they have a higher chance of connecting with your audience. Try creating unique memes for your brand image and voice to engage with your social media followers.



Why Use Memes For Marketing?

Not all businesses need to use memes for marketing. It depends on your brand voice and type of business. In the end, memes are great for marketing due to many reasons, such as:


  • Memes can spark joy
  • You can appeal to a broad audience
  • Meme marketing is cheap
  • Spark interest immediately


Consider using memes for marketing. If you need help, get in touch with a social media marketing agency in Singapore.


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