Generation C: A New Type Of Consumer

Part of every digital marketing campaign in Singapore is understanding your customers and their background, including their generational differences. By identifying the connection between consumers and their favourite brands, you can engage with specific customers more effectively.


Almost everyone knows about the different generations, such as Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Zoomers (Generation Z). But what many people may not know is that there is a new type of consumer: Generation C.


Perhaps you might be focusing too much on Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Zoomers. Don’t miss out on the potential of Generation C for your business. Know more about Generation C in this brief guide.



What Is Generation C?

Generation C is the latest type of consumer to have surfaced in the global marketplace. While it is not exactly a new generation, many business owners are still unfamiliar with Generation C.


Unlike other generations that focus on age groups, Generation C consists of people defined by a particular mindset and attitude. According to Google, you can refer to Generation C as “The YouTube Generation”.


People who are part of Generation C care about digital content creation and being part of a community. They are not restricted to any age group, meaning Millennials and Zoomers can qualify under Generation C.


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Gen C consumers also consider peer approvals when for purchasing decisions. In that case, when creating a content marketing strategy in Singapore, try to make content that is accessible to a larger audience.


Most importantly, Gen C consumers are highly expressive. Expect them to be active on social media. They love sharing and commenting on social media posts. This type of consumer usually uses smartphones when exploring social media and the Internet in general.



4 Factors That Define Generation C

Factors that define Generation C


As mentioned earlier, there are almost no restrictions on defining Generation C. For that reason, you might find it hard to identify Gen C consumers.


The good news is that you can attribute Gen C to particular traits and characteristics. Discover the defining factors of Generation C here.


1. No Age Group

The most important thing to consider when researching Gen C is that it has no age group. Generation C is a group of consumers defined by characteristics, not age. That means even some Boomers can be part of Generation C, as long as they share similar characteristics and traits with Gen C consumers.


People of any age can join Generation C. When creating a digital marketing strategy for your target audience, consider their mindset and not their age.


2. Digital Connection

Generation Z and C are similar in some ways. One example is that both of these generations have a deep connection with technology. The difference is that Gen C has no age restrictions. People of any age, whether young or old, can glue themselves to technology.


Gen C consumers use technology and digital content creation as part of their daily lives. They tend to ignore traditional media like radio and television. Most Generation C stick with modern technology as a way of life, and they shall remain so as they stay connected with the digital world all the time.


3. Content Creation

One of the more fascinating facts about Generation C consumers is that they take pride in creating unique and original content. Not only do they enjoy consuming entertainment online, but they also love formulating their distinctive brand of content.


Digital content creation is a hobby for Generation C. If you want to connect with this type of consumer,  you should dish out your very own variety of content too. Share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. These networks are where most of Generation C are usually active and expressive of their opinions and thoughts.


4. Continuous Growth

Since there are no age restrictions, Generation C continues to grow in numbers. People from a broad spectrum of age groups and backgrounds can join Generation C.


There are small groups from each generation as part of Generation C, ranging from Baby Boomers to Generation Z. Because of this, the possibilities are endless. Targeting this latest type of consumer can offer more opportunities for your business to expand.




Generation C is everywhere. This type of consumer is present almost everywhere, so you have a high chance of reaching out to Generation C consumers if they are your target market.


Consider expanding your horizons and think about creating a content marketing strategy with Generation C in mind. The group continues to grow, which means now is the perfect time to shift your business towards Generation C.


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