Case Study

Established in Singapore since 1998, Art-Serve prides itself in providing high quality personalized gifts and print products to individuals, schools and corporations



To increase website enquiries.



With the strategy of OOm put in place, the number of times ArtServe’s Google ad was shown at the absolute top of Google’s search page increased tremendously, placing it at a much more visible position compared to competitors. As a result, there was a significant increment in the number of online enquiries.



Increase in ranking Absolute Top of Page Rate


More Online Enquiries

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

In order to drive traffic to the dedicated landing page for T-shirt printing, OOm ran Google search ads for ArtServe. The relevant Google search ads will appear when keywords related to T-shirt printing were searched for on Google. Call, location, sitelink and structured snippet extensions were included in the ads to lead people directly to the information they are looking for. A dedicated landing page for T-shirt printing was implemented as it has lesser distraction and more obvious enquiry buttons compared to the main website, which will help to increase online enquiries.

Search Ads

Landing Page


We’ve been working with OOm for the past few months and very happy with the results and general attitude and responsiveness! Jay is a really easy guy to work with.


Credible and solid technical knowledge, the team is able to strategise effective and cost-friendly campaigns to not only dominate impressions, accelerate conversions but to counter attack the harsh competition battlefield.


As an agency, value added service is what matters. Their dedicated service quality extends more than just during the operating hours. I am impressed their time spent after office hours and weekends just to stay competitive digitally.

Shoban Rahulapaskaran

Senior Physiotherapist Director

City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy


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