To increase website enquiries.



With the strategy of OOm put in place, the number of times ArtServe’s Google ad was shown at the absolute top of Google’s search page increased tremendously, placing it at a much more visible position compared to competitors. As a result, there was a significant increment in the number of online enquiries.



Increase in ranking Absolute Top of Page Rate


More Online Enquiries

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

In order to drive traffic to the dedicated landing page for T-shirt printing, OOm ran Google search ads for ArtServe. The relevant Google search ads will appear when keywords related to T-shirt printing were searched for on Google. Call, location, sitelink and structured snippet extensions were included in the ads to lead people directly to the information they are looking for. A dedicated landing page for T-shirt printing was implemented as it has lesser distraction and more obvious enquiry buttons compared to the main website, which will help to increase online enquiries.

Search Ads

Landing Page


We have been engaging OOm’s SEO and SEM service for almost 3 years. Rueben, Mindy and Murali have done a great job in helping us to increase our online enquiries and sales. They do not hard sell and are genuinely interested in helping us to improve our business. I feel assured leaving the digital marketing aspect of my business to them as they certainly know what they are doing. They provide professional service – very responsive to my queries and highly efficient in optimising my campaigns! Strongly recommended to anyone looking for a digital marketing agency.





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