Increase website traffic and enquiries.



Various Google Search Ads were run simultaneously to lead potential customers to the landing page.



Increase in Organic Web Traffic


More Enquiries

Search Engine Optimisaiton [SEO]

One of the strategies that OOm utilised to rank Clean Care’s website on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) was to produce content in the form of blog articles on topics related to cleaning. By utilising cleaning related keywords and providing information that their target audience are looking for in the blog articles, OOm is building Clean Care’s website as a content hub in their industry.

Number 1 ranking on SERP

Blog Article

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads optimises the ad via Google’s machine learning algorithms to assemble and adjust the size, appearance and format of the texts and images to fit just about any available ad space. This flexibility allows the ads to appear on more sites, which leads to higher visibility.


The ad combination that appears to a potential customer will be one that is most relevant to their keywords search browsing behaviour which ultimately leads to higher ad performances.

Responsive Display Ad

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

In order to drive traffic to the dedicated landing page for potential customers to enquire about Clean Care’s services, OOm ran Google search ads for them. The search ads will appear when potential customers search for cleaning-related keywords. Upon clicking on the ads, potential customers will be led to a landing page with a promotion, detailed information about their services and credentials, as well as a contact form to claim the promotion.

Search Ad

Landing Page Contact Form


Thank you guys for making sure we have less worries on our marketing. Being able to see our ranking improve in our seo within 6 months. Most importantly, our conversions have been increasing since moving over to oom. Both Ploy and Lionel has been very proactive in responding to our needs and enquiries. Provides very good advice both on and off marketing. We would recommend oom to anyone that requires good marketing!

Raphael Sim


Clean Care


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