Helen O’Grady Drama Academy
Case Study

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy was founded in 1979 by Helen O’Grady, who is a teacher, TV presenter & producer, and actress. Reaching over 100,000 students across 40 countries, this is the world’s largest drama academy that specialises in speech and drama classes for children and youths aged 3 to 18.



To increase their class sign-ups through brand visibility and website traffic by ranking on the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).



Prior to engaging OOm, they ran search ads in-house but did not garner sufficient clicks and online sign-ups. The agency ran thorough research to identify the right target audience and keywords. Proper conversion tracking was also implemented to keep track of the effectiveness of the campaigns. As a result, the client received 40% more impressions and 48% more click-through-rate from the ad to their website, which led to an influx in sign-ups and fully-filled classes.



Increase in Impressions

+48 X

Increase in Clicks

Search Engine Marketing

OOm restructured the campaign’s targeting after determining and grouping the client’s target audience, as well as identifying keywords that the target audience are searching for to match the ads.

Separate search ads with landing pages were run to target 2 groups of audiences – parents as well as parents and youths – for kids classes and youth classes respectively. To facilitate greater accuracy of campaign results, the agency assisted them with proper restructuring of conversion action tracking by fixing the enquiry forms on the website that were having some glitches to ensure that all sign-ups are accounted for.

Kids Ad

Youth Ad

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