To increase website enquiries.



With the strategy of OOm put in place, the number of times ArtServe’s Google ad was shown at the absolute top of Google’s search page increased tremendously, placing it at a much more visible position compared to competitors. As a result, there was a significant increment in the number of online enquiries.



Increase in Website Traffic


More E-Commerce Sales

Search Ads

This ad type makes use of Soul & Tables website content to dynamically generate headlines, landing pages and display URLs of the ad, with description as the only information required beforehand. With Google’s machine learning, the ad will be shown to potential customers when their search terms on Google are closely related to the content on Soul & Tables’ website. Thus, dynamic search ads are highly relevant and targeted.


Extensions maximise performance of text ads with additional click-through action. Call and sitelink extensions were included and potential customers will be led to the relevant landing page when they click on the extensions.

Search Ads

Display Ads

Responsive display ads make use of Google’s machine learning algorithms to mix and match ad images and texts. The ad combination that appears to a potential customer will be one that is most relevant to his/her keywords search browsing behaviour which ultimately leads to a higher ad performance. The ads that Google assembles automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit just about any available ad space. This flexibility allows the ads to appear on more websites, which leads to higher visibility. The ads are further targeted by showing the ads to affinity, custom intent and in-market audiences.

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are ideal for online business. When potential customers search for keywords related to Soul & Tables’ business, the ad related to the search term will appear. A photo of the product with information such as product name and price will be shown as well. Clicking on the ad will lead to the product landing page where they can check out immediately.

Shopping Ads


Oom team has been working on our account for about 2 years and we have seen effective results in terms of visibility and traffic. They are super reactive and lead the projects with strong initiative while always taking the time to explain all data and process. They also made the efforts of understanding our industry and its challenges in order to provide the best solutions for us which was very appreciated.

Raphaelle De Ponsay

Marketing Manager

Soul & Tables Singapore


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