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The Masked Studio was grappling with a downturn in sales and a shortage of leads, directly stemming from their outdated and non-user-friendly website, which hindered their ability to optimise for SEO effectively. Recognising the critical importance of enhancing their online presence, they engaged OOm to elevate their website and enhance their SEO activities to achieve business goals.


39 X

Increase in website traffic

20 %

Increase in e-commerce sales


Website Development

The first step in revitalising The Masked Studio’s online presence involved the creation of a WordPress website. This move aimed to help the brand establish a stronger foothold in the digital landscape, ensuring 24/7 accessibility to its products. The newly developed website also served as a testament to The Masked Studio’s credibility and professionalism, enhancing trust among existing and prospective clients. Through compelling visuals and intuitive navigation, the website effectively showcased the diverse range of products and services offered, meeting the needs and preferences of The Masked Studio’s target audience.


SEO Optimisation

In tandem with website development, OOm implemented a comprehensive SEO optimisation strategy to elevate The Masked Studio’s online visibility. This included the optimisation of 10 carefully chosen keywords that align with the target audience’s search intent. Additionally, OOm executed a content-driven approach by crafting skyscraper articles and blog posts distributed over a 9-month period to position the brand as an authoritative voice within its industry. The Masked Studio witnessed a transformation in its search engine rankings, securing placement for 10 keywords on the highly-coveted first page of Google search results.


The Masked Studio’s website organically ranked number 2 on Google SERP


“Very professional team that delivers results. They know what I want and really got my site more exposure.”

The Masked Studio

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