Google has been doing so many things over the years that tend to aid users in their everyday search for information and knowledge on many things. These actions include customised algorithms and artificial intelligence that all control everything that you will end up seeing on search results.

Back in early 2018, Google tested and slowly rolled out a new feature called the Double Featured Snippets.


Featured snippets to begin with are sections on search results that come up when a user is in search of information about certain things. Having one of your pages or contents chosen for this section is a big deal. Mostly because this highlights a certain content on top and makes sure that the searcher is served the information they are looking for.

Double featured snippets happen because it’s Google’s gesture of assisting the searcher. One of the most noticeable behaviors for users is that they would most likely end up searching for content that’s mostly the same and compare the information.

Information of very simple things has been pretty much mass produced for years on the internet. All copied and recycled over and over again.

But Google will end up picking the most relevant and useful results according to your search term.

Search engine Optimization plays a really big role here. Updates like these can always be a useful tool for Optimization.

Just imagine, optimising content that can be evergreen, and at the same time, content or pages that can be picked by Google to be featured on their own featured snippets.

Instant front page, instant traffic.

Double featured snippets won’t come out all the time, but the important part of all of this is you being able to create content that will qualify for a featured snippets.

How do you create evergreen content?


Learn how to Choose your Topics Carefully

Write about specific topics. Talk about things that are mostly normal everyday types of issues or topics. A few examples include things like “how to ride a bike”. Riding a bike is the same and has been the same ever since bicycles were invented.


The same goes for any sort of topic or niche and business.


Do your Research

Evergreen content needs to have all its information correct of course. If it will be useful and usable for a really long time or forever, it will need to have all its facts straight.


It is true that you will never actually be able to learn or know everything, but a well-researched article, with great citations and references will always be perceived as more trustworthy. Researching all by yourself makes the content  more personalized, but having the right information also gives it the strength it needs.


Try to Create Content that’s related to your Business or Brand

Evergreen content, if used and created properly, will also help you grow awareness for your brand and make it more visible to Internet users. More visible once it gets picked by featured snippets.


Update your Content (if you need to)

There will be times that Evergreen content will contain statistics and all these numbers and data. If ever these kinds of crucial information changes over time, you will benefit more if you update them.


This also is a signal to Google that your site is currently active and is currently producing content that can be continuously useful.

Once you got all of these, you will be able to have greater chances of landing a place among the featured snippets. The goal here, (although it sounds counter-intuitive for normal folk) is to concentrate on creating and sharing content to the people, rather than trying to target a spot on one of the featured snippets.

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