Making Your Content Last Like Stan Lee


It should be obvious by now that people who write blogs here are really into pop culture. And one of the icons of pop culture is Marvel’s very own godfather: Stan Lee.


The man has gone through so much; even today while he’s having a few health problems and a lot of weird controversies, he’s still fighting through life and is still being sought after. For sure people today are waiting for his cameo on Infinity War. (No Spoilers Pls. I can’t watch it yet!)


This guy is older than my grandma, but he still goes on events, does cameos, and video interviews. Besides plastic bags, Stan Lee, turtles, and a long week of avoiding movie spoilers, you know what else can last a really long time? Content.


Evergreen content got its name from a botany term. You use the word evergreen on plants that keep their leaves no matter what season. As you know, some plants lose their leaves when it gets too cold, but not these kinds of plants. In our world, these types of content don’t lose their juice over time. These types of content are forever useful, and these are the types of content that people or other link builders use for backlinks or resource links. An example of this is Moz’s post that keeps getting updated regarding Google’s updates.



How are these types of content made? Well, there are ways like the example above where you can update the post over and over again, or you can make content that can be useful forever. How to’s are a great example of these; whenever writers like us are out of ideas, we always search for how to’s online. Trust me, it happens.


In SEO, the evergreen content has the same type of style. These are the kinds of content on SEO the kiddie link builders will always look for.


How To Make Title Tags
How To Write Evergreen Content
What Are Robots.TXT and Sitemap.XML (or how they’re written etc)
How to Legally Destroy Your Competition etc.


You can, in every sense, create something that can last a really long time. It doesn’t have to be text content like blogs or articles, it can be videos as well. Pewdiepie (my favorite example when it comes to all things related to YouTube) has a collection of videos with hours and hours of gameplay on a lot of fan-favourite games. People today still keep watching these because these are both entertaining and useful to viewers.



Another thing we can take from Pewd’s channel is that he can keep his channel alive amidst all the controversy and confusing YouTube demonitizing. This is mainly because of 2 things:


The first is, of course, he has found a format and kind of videos his viewers really enjoy and, at the same time, easy for him to produce. And once again, this is something you can always apply to your content. We’ve said that so many times in this blog to the point that I cannot find a single article here that I can hyperlink. Just find it.


Find what your audience wants to see and learn — and keep making those. The key here is to see if you can produce the kind of content your audience is looking for. Once you find that sweet spot, you got it made.


The other one is a booster for evergreen content and it’s Social Media. You can keep making all these good content, but if you’re so detached from your would-be audience, that content will not go anywhere. It wouldn’t matter how good it is– if you aren’t sharing it to the world, it stays dormant.


Find ways you can spread your content to a great number of people: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter even YouTube has a button that, once subscribers click it, will have notifications if you’ve just uploaded a new video. Make sure that you find ways to tell your audience to watch out for your future content. Whenever you’re creating content, remember that you’re talking to a group of people. My YouTube friends gave me this advice as well. On vlogs it’s the same thing, even if you only have 10 subscribers, keep imagining you’re talking to 10,000. And address that 10,000 like how Bruce Dickinson commands the sea of people on every Iron Maiden concert.


Going back to your site or blog. If you’ve actually already created that gold of an evergreen type of content, try to find a way to keep that post on top and it can easily be seen when people visit your site. Kind of like the pinned posts on Facebook for example.



Those aren’t there just for show, these are done to keep that post on top and present that post whenever people visit. This can also be done on blogs and websites.



We made the BIGGEST BAGEL, LOX, AND CREAM CHEESE EVER!!! Would you eat it?! #food #foodporn

Posted by Epic Meal Time Show on Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Lastly, if you’ve created a few good posts throughout the years, go back and update them! A good example is epic meal time’s videos. They take all those long youtube videos and re-cut them shorter for Facebook. They just cut out all the bits where they talk and do their one-liner jokes and it becomes these short how to cook videos. It’s okay to recycle content, just as long as they are updated and actually has the capacity to be viral, entertaining and forever useful.