Each of us has our own group where we belong, whether we are aware of it or not. Within each group, we possess distinct tastes, interests, and needs. It is by these similarities as well that we connect to each other and in turn, make more connections. It has been one of the strategies in content marketing to always hit their target audiences, going inner to each group’s circles. The drill is to identify your target audience and to maximise your content from there.


While the said strategy has been effective to this day, it cannot be denied that in the present, target audiences have become more and more specific and diverse. Social spectrums have become more defined as many have started to assert their existence and have grown to have intersectional tastes. With this, content marketers now have to up their game when designing their content. Having a targeted audience truly gives you sure number of paying customers. However, given these conditions, it might also be the right to reinforce the inclusivity of the content that we make and fashion it to a more diverse audience. With this, we have condensed several ways on how to create content that will hit everybody!


Shelly Bowen in her article in Pybop and Taylor Holland in Skyword has something to say about this topic that we have put together:



Know Your Pulse

As similar to how we do our content or even how we start with our SEO campaigns as digital marketers, knowing where you stand right now allows you to also to assess where you may move forward from. This allows you to plan out what you can do, how to improve or what to correct.



As creators, you have to know how informed you are about certain groups and what common ground you may have with these groups, no matter how diverse they may be. If you are a man writing also to encompass women, what common grounds you have and what can you do to understand the other? As you may a broader common ground, you also gain a more inclusive content, embracing a diverse range of audiences.


This now brings out the question of audience. Just because you are writing for a diverse market does not mean you would not know them. With this, you must also determine your audience types.



Set Up Your Team And Theme

It was said that it would help to have a team of diverse creators. No matter how open-minded and empathetic a member can be, there are still a lot of things he or she does not know about. He or she will always have biases that favour one for the other. This is why it is best to have a diverse team that can help and educate each other out. 



This, in turn, allows you to have a holistic theme that you will follow through as you go about the topics you pitch in and the articles that you write. 



Make A Stand


Now that you have prepped yourself by keeping yourself informed, and now that you have already designed your campaigns, it is time that you finally proceed to tell your story to a diverse public. It can be difficult to tell stories that are inclusive to specific groups of people or to a diverse market since not everyone can relate to the other. A tip you can follow is to create different stories that can hit each one. This way, diverse audiences will still foster a relationship with your brand. In executing this, try to keep your voice as consistent as possible. Of course, you can change your tone as you address each spectrum but always remember to be consistent.



Be Inclusive


If not thoroughly planned out, attempting to generate content for a diverse audience may end up hitting no audience at all. In your attempt to be as broad as possible, without the right execution, research, and preparation, it may end up being too anaemic as content. The need here is to tell stories about diversity. Just as you are aiming for a broader audience, it is best and widely-received if you also make sharp statements. Equality, diversity, and inclusivity—these are the battle cries of the current times. Knowing when and how to equip these will allow you to address a wider spectrum.


To help, focus on the particular culture a place or location has and try to knit it to others’ at large. 


Here are just some of the ways that can help you create content to a diverse market. This may be a bit too challenging because it requires you to think outside the box and let go of your biases and the stereotypes you have believed in. The key is to empathy and to find your humanity. With these, you can never go wrong!


Content is an important factor in today’s digital marketing. The strategies offered above can provide you with great help in making your brand known. However, it can be difficult to set all these up, all the while handling your own processes. This is where SEO companies in Singapore can step in and help you out! Leave it to the experts to publicise your brand in this massive platform.

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