Market Research: How To Target Consumers For Better Sales?

Probably one of the cardinal rules of marketing is to identify your audience and improve your campaigns from their tastes. But the question remains: how? Given the state of our current market today, things have become more vicious. Both demands and needs have multiplied vis-à-vis the brands that compete in every industry. What’s more, is that there are still big brands that people have already trusted and had already used since day 1. 


This is where strategic marketing jumps in. Especially today where the digital space is ever-growing, providing many spaces and opportunities for small to medium businesses, it will only be up to you on how you would use your cards. Well, today must be your lucky day as we have already condensed things you need to know on how to target your consumers and gain better sales, as laid out in Pinnacle Cart.



What Does Target Market Or Target Consumer Mean?



As what the term implies, Target Market or Target Consumers are the audiences to whom your brand is directed. They are a particular group of consumers that would most likely avail or patronise your products and services. The products and services that you make are generated specifically for their use and tastes. In turn, they are the ones who are supposed to love your brand and buy your products and services. They are the ones whom you have chosen to market your brand to. 


Some target markets start off as more specific or as one that caters to a smaller group of people. Some brands are also targeted at broader markets that need to be broken further into niches and sub-niches. 


For a target consumer that is too wide and diverse, you will need a lot of marketing budget to hit them. Knowing your target market might even serve as your gateway to having more opportunities and generate more revenues. Just imagine, if you know your target consumers, you would also know how fashion your advertisements and campaigns according to what piques their interest. Once you have raised the interest of a wider spectrum of your target consumer, it will result in them becoming transformed into paying customers.



How To Understand Your Target Market


You have already understood what a target market or consumer is. Know, the real game begins where we tell you a few hints and tips on how to hit your target consumers—which is how to know who they are. Knowing things about these target consumers will allow you to analyze how you will present your products and services. This also allows you to know how your campaigns will appeal to them. Knowing your market’s demographics will help you cook up marketing strategies which will ultimately increase sales.


With this, you just have to start by singling out your market on these factors:


1. Geographic Location

Ways of living also differ by the place where they live in. First and foremost, you must know where your target market is located. Are they located in a tropical country like Singapore where it is best to market your summer clothing? Or are they located in a country where it’s always cold? This would be best segmented on the basis of country, city, town, localised area, and more. The climate, like what we have hinted earlier, will also be a good thing to point out.


2. Demographics

This is where you have to be more sensitive about your human touch and to actually put yourself in their shoes. There are a lot of demographics where a certain patch of people can be part in. The most common might be factors of income, age, gender, number of family members, occupation, education, religion, and race. By knowing these, you get to be more up close and personal with your target consumers, thereby allowing them to see themselves with the brand you are selling.


3. Psycho-graphic traits

If demographics allows you to get more personal, the psycho-graphic traits will take these relationships you have built on a whole new level. This allows you to boil down on your target consumers’ personality, social class, interests, personal values, and lifestyle. Knowing these will allow you to know how they actually live their lives and how they view the world around them.


4. Behavioural attributes

This will tell you how your audiences or consumers will behave as they purchase or try your product or services. This will be a crucial factor if you really want to understand your consumers. These will include the benefits they look for when shopping, how often they shop, how much they purchase, how willing they are to buy this product, and how loyal they are to your brand compared to another.


These are all that we can offer—the rest is up to you! Knowing these will already allow you to have ideas on how you can pique the interest of your target consumers which will make them become transformed into paying customers. If you are looking to do these on the Internet, you may need to seek the help of SEO companies in Singapore who know the twists and turns in this massive space.