A Badge of Honor: OOm is now a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner

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OOm, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore, is now a preferred agency partner in Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies program. Now carrying the Facebook Marketing Partner Badge, the award-winning agency is now privy to more-advanced agency-specific resources that can aid with the digital marketing campaigns of its clients.


Now a full-service digital marketing agency, OOm is known for its data-driven strategies and actionable insights that led to the continued success of its clients. With Facebook on their side, OOm has strengthened its core in providing wider solutions to reach their clients’ goals and alleviated their credibility in the field of digital marketing not only in Singapore but also around the world.


OOm and the Facebook Marketing Partner Badge

OOm is proud to be recognized by Facebook and is officially authorized to use the Facebook Marketing Badge, which strengthens the agency’s leverage against its competitors. True to its credibility standards, OOm is in the list of the official Facebook Marketing Partners that can be accessed via the Facebook Marketing Partners for Agencies website, where current and potential clients can use as a reference for verification. This recognition is present to help agencies enhance their reach in managing advertising campaigns for their clients. Through this, a preferred agency partner has an opportunity to grow their expertise through information sharing, training, best practices from Facebook.


Since its inception in 2011, OOm has been known to be one of the best SEO agencies in Singapore catering to numerous businesses from different industries. The agency has also proven its prowess by bagging multiple recognition in Search Marketing from different award-giving bodies. Being renowned as a preferred partner for Facebook Marketing, OOm has officially opened its doors to wider social media marketing services and opportunities for their clients.


“With first-hand insider news, we have knowledge of upcoming developments on the Facebook advertising platform. As such, we can strategize and adapt in advance, preparing our clients’ digital campaigns for the change to come so that they will have an edge over their competitors”, says Ian Cheow, CEO and Co-Founder of OOm. Moreover, this opportunity increases OOm’s exposure to potential clients as they are also listed in Facebook Marketing’s Partner Directory.


Why work with a Facebook Marketing Agency Partner?


Each preferred agency is chosen through a rigorous review process of Facebook. This alone is already a guarantee of a partner’s expertise and competence in social media marketing. However, working with a Facebook Marketing Agency Partner boasts more variety of exclusive benefits.


Unique Tools – with this Facebook Marketing Partner badge, OOm gains access to the Agency Hub, a tool that helps understand and improve their client’s performance where they can extract recommendations and reports. This will help the agency provide out-of-the-box solutions to get its clients ahead of the competition.


Wider resources – with a pool of accessible materials and information from Facebook, OOm can save time and money in executing their clients’ campaigns. This can make sure that they will have campaigns with more production value and more favourable results.


Comprehensive Training – with the help of the Blueprint educational team, preferred agencies are privileged to learn and enhance their knowledge of the Facebook family using specific learning tools and advanced training sessions. This means that experts from OOm are continuously honed to learn new skills and knowledge about social media marketing.


Real-time support – with access to Facebook Marketing’s one-to-one chat support, OOm is sure to address unexpected issues that may arise on a campaign. They will have access to additive assistance in these consultations that can prevent downtime and loss of profit.


Extended Network – with the Facebook Marketing Partners Agency EXPO, OOm can meet and learn from some of the bests in the social media marketing industry plus a chance to be part of training sessions and other exclusive virtual events, which means that OOm can learn solutions not only based on predictions but also on real campaigns.


Proven Credibility – with Facebook Marketing’s Badge in all their collaterals, it is an affirmation of OOm’s trustworthiness, reliability, dependability.


More than this, OOm’s COO and CO-Founder Wyvan Xu explains how working with a preferred partner can benefit a business: “We are thankful for the recognition and additional benefits from Facebook as a Preferred Agency Partner. Facebook is one of the key platforms that we utilise for our clients’ campaigns and we are excited to have direct, exclusive access to tools, resources, support, events and training from Facebook that will enable us to optimise our clients’ campaigns more effectively.”


What Qualifies OOm for Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies?

Every agency is evaluated based on a combination of various factors. OOm met these criteria:


Qualifying Ad Placements: OOm was able to reach a percentage of ads with automatic placements on social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, which means that the agency is reaching the right target audience.


Number of Active Pages: OOm is not just creating Facebook Pages but also keeping it active through scheduled editorial calendars and strategic ad placements, which means that the agency keeps their client Pages relevant and active to make sure that it’s catering to their client’s potential consumers.


Qualifying Ad Spend: OOm has proven a good track record of media investments from the ad accounts that they manage in Business Manager and has gained positive results based on the client’s goal, which means that the agency has run successful social media campaigns for their clients.


Connect with a reliable Facebook Marketing Partner

The new normal has introduced the consumers to a whole new way of shopping and it has opened a lot of opportunities for businesses to sell outside the traditional way of digital marketing. Each day, the consumers are getting wiser and the competitions are getting tougher. OOm makes sure that your business will not be left behind. With its affiliation as a preferred agency partner in Facebook Marketing Partner for Agencies, OOm established a broader range of access to solutions that can improve your social media marketing, sell your products and services online, and engage with your potential customers more effectively.


Every digital marketing agency in Singapore and around the world are all aiming for excellence but only selected companies can reach a certain standard to earn the trust of the leading social media company in the world. In 2016, OOm also had the privilege to be acknowledged as a Premier Google Partner, making this additional accolade a stronger testament to the agency’s commitment to bringing quality service to its clients.


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