Google rolls out its January core update for 2020 and here’s how it impacted data developers

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January 23, 2020—Google has announced last January 13, 2020, that they are about to roll out their new core update. Every few months or so, Google keeps on updating its algorithm to improve user experience. The last update that we have seen was in September 2019 and November 2019, though the latter was more about local rankings. By January 16, 2020, this new core update was almost done and several data providers have just gotten the pulse of the newly updated search engine.


Third-party data companies like RankRanger reported a “massive movement at the top of the SERP” for one of their niches like the YMYL (your money, your life). Mordy Oberstein from RankRanger noted how huge this update is. SEMRush also noticed changes in almost every category they have like Sports and News, Online communities, Games, Arts & Entertainment, and Finance. Since all categories were affected by the changes, they assumed that the update was not targeted at any particular topic.


The same with RankRanger, Sistrix has seen changes with domains relating to YMYL segments where it was re-evaluated by the search engine as a whole to assess if it gains or loses visibility. According to Johannes Beus from the said company, “Domains that have previously been affected by such updates are more likely to be affected again. The absolute fluctuations appear to be decreasing with each update – Google is now becoming more certain of its assessment and does not deviate as much from the previous assessment.”


This core update can turn for better or for worse depending on your online presence, says SearchMetrics, on the other hand. Some thin content can really get penalised and where, yet again, Google focuses on YMYL. Though it did not do many changes compared with the March or September update, they see similar characteristics.



Now that you got an idea as to how some third-party data developers were hit by this January core update, you must now be sharp with any type of changes that may hit you. Google has even provided tips on what you can do if you are negatively affected by the recent core updates. Most of the time, you do not need to do anything specific or drastic as any dip in your rankings does not always mean that you have done something wrong with your pages. 


With the SEO industry, you always have to be keen on even the slightest changes and on how you assess the situation. Justa as the current times have truly been instant or fast-paced, SEO, too, always changes. In order to deal with every change you face, it is necessary for you to know your situation so you could go on from there. Here at OOm, we are made up of a team of talented young professionals who are trained with expertise and experience.