OOm Celebrates A Win at the 2023 Marketing Excellence Awards

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In a night filled with excitement, anticipation, and a gathering of marketing industry leaders, OOm, a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, emerged as a bronze medalist in the category of ‘Excellence in Search Marketing’ at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2023. 


The Marketing Excellence Awards, hosted annually, celebrate the most outstanding marketing achievements and innovations across various domains. 

The ‘Excellence in Search Marketing’ award is a prestigious recognition that celebrates the most effective digital marketing campaigns with search marketing at their core. Only the ones demonstrating exceptional proficiency in harnessing the power of search engines to achieve remarkable results would be awarded. 


OOm’s Digital Sales Transformation for Harvey Norman (Pertama Merchandising Pte Ltd)


Harvey Norman (Pertama Merchandising Pte Ltd), a renowned brand with an established reputation and a significant market share in Singapore’s household retail space found itself in fierce competition with various online marketplaces and other similar industry giants. In a bid to maintain a competitive edge in the e-commerce space, they engaged OOm’s digital marketing services to manage and optimise their marketing efforts. 


Prior to enlisting OOm’s services, Harvey Norman’s approach comprised of only Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Their strategy improved when OOm employed innovative data-driven solutions comprising elements such as Programmatic Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Performance Max, and Display ads to boost their online presence and website traffic


These efforts were implemented across each stage of the marketing funnel to complement their existing SEM campaigns, generating brand awareness, retargeting users, and ultimately converting them into customers to drive an increase in sales revenue.


Celebrating OOm’s Achievements


OOm’s victory in this category is a testament to its unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. With search engines playing an increasingly critical role in the success of businesses, OOm’s ability to navigate this landscape efficiently and deliver outstanding results is an honour well-earned. 


Ian Cheow, CEO of OOm, expressed his delight at the recognition: “We are honoured to receive the Bronze award for ‘Excellence in Search Marketing’ at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2023. Our agency is committed to delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions that drive real business results, and will continue to do so. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team, our client Harvey Norman, and the judges of the awards.”


“We are thrilled to add the Bronze award for ‘Excellence in Search Marketing’ to our achievements. Our team is not only pleased but also inspired by this accolade. We are determined to build upon this success, constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We sincerely thank our clients for their continued support and trust,” shared Wyvan Xu, COO and Co-Founder of OOm. 


As they bask in the glory of their latest achievement, OOm remains firmly focused on the future. This win also serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges to overcome and opportunities to grab in the world of digital marketing.


OOm’s team will continue to push the boundaries of digital marketing, exploring emerging technologies to provide clients with not just short-term success, but also a sustainable, long-term digital presence. 


OOm is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Singapore and a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) pre-approved vendor that offers a range of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions to businesses. 


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