OOm Clinched 5 Wins From The Agency Of The Year Awards 2021: Including Local Hero Of The Year

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Singapore – OOm, a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, is celebrating yet another outstanding milestone by clinching 5 wins from the Agency Of The Year Awards, including 2 Gold, 2 Local Hero and the Local Hero Of The Year. 


Founded as an independent agency in Singapore, OOm has consistently strived to provide data-driven strategies and actionable insights to meet the needs of the clients. Furthermore, the agency has also adopted a customer-first approach, and with this in mind, the team was able to better understand their clients and prepare carefully tailored solutions to meet their needs. 


The prestigious Local Hero Of The Year award is presented to the most successful and best-performing local agency across various categories. Only one winner out of all the participants is selected to receive the award. 


In addition to winning the title of Local Hero of the Year, OOm is also celebrating: 


  • Lead Generation Agency of the Year 2021 – (Double Wins) Gold and Local Hero 
  • Search Marketing Agency of the Year 2021 – (Double Wins) Gold and Local Hero


The Lead Generation Agency of the Year 2021 is an all-new category open to agencies that have met client objectives through innovative and cost-effective strategies. As an all-new award category, OOm is proud to be the first agency to clinch the Gold and Local Hero award in 2021. 


Search marketing solution is one of the core services provided by OOm, and thus, the agency is proud to have won both Gold and Local Hero awards for the Search Marketing Agency of the Year 2021. 


We are really humbled to have won Gold and Local Hero for both Search Marketing Agency of the Year and Lead Generation of the Year categories. The team is really excited and happy to see our hard work paid off and we were able to help our clients achieve positive results,” said the CEO and co-founder of OOm, Ian Cheow. 


Awarded with the Local Hero Of The Year was just the icing on the cake. As an independent agency, we’re extremely honoured to receive this prestigious recognition for the work we’ve done.” 


Despite the challenges that arose due to the pandemic, the agency continued to focus their efforts on strengthening their core services and expanding their service offerings, such as introducing a content marketing team to improve the ad campaigns of their clients. Creativity and analytics were merged to provide clients with attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver measurable and favourable results. 


The AOTY is another form of recognition testifying our beliefs in using a holistic digital marketing approach using various channels and activities to provide the best results for our clients,” said the COO and co-founder of OOm, Wyvan Xu.


Having an in-house team supporting our operations helps us to better ensure that we’re able to constantly adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. In turn, this translates to better solutions for our clients’ business growth.


About OOm: Founded in 2006, OOm is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Started off as a search marketing agency, it has since developed other digital competencies such as social and content marketing and China digital. By aiming to be a one-stop solution, the agency hopes to come up with effective digital marketing strategies to meet their clients’ needs.