OOm Secures Noteworthy Position in Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024 List

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SINGAPORE, 23 January 2024 — Following the remarkable success of its prior achievements, OOm is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024 list. The company’s significant leap in ranking from the previous year reflects its commitment to digital marketing excellence and strong financial performance.


A Rigorous Assessment by The Straits Times and Statista


Organised by The Straits Times and Germany-based global research firm Statista, the report on Singapore’s Fastest-Growing Companies has gained widespread recognition for highlighting companies with outstanding revenue growth annually. The team meticulously evaluated a myriad of companies, resulting in the compilation of an exclusive list of 100 top-performing businesses in Singapore.


To be eligible for inclusion, companies must meet stringent criteria, including a minimum revenue of SGD150,000 generated in 2019, a substantial increase to at least SGD1.5 million in 2022, independence from other entities, and a headquarters based in Singapore. Furthermore, the evaluation emphasised organic revenue growth, ensuring that the companies listed have achieved their success through internal development and enhancement. 


OOm’s Leap in Ranking and Workforce Expansion


In the latest rankings, OOm is delighted to secure the 32nd position, showcasing a marked advancement from its previous standing in 2023 (47th). Notably, OOm’s success is not limited to financial metrics alone; the company has also experienced a significant increase in its workforce, demonstrating its promise to expand and strengthen its operations. 


As OOm continues to strengthen its position as a leading digital marketing agency, this recognition in Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies list reaffirms its dedication to delivering value, driving organic growth, and achieving innovation in a highly competitive industry. 


Ian Cheow, CEO and Co-founder of OOm, expressed his enthusiasm about the achievement, “Being recognised in Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024 list is a testament to OOm’s resolve to achieve sustained growth and excellence, as demonstrated by our ascent in the ranking. We are proud of our team’s efforts in driving our success and look forward to even greater accomplishments in the future.”


Wyvan Xu, COO and Co-founder of OOm, added, “This achievement reflects the collective devotion of our team, and it motivates us to continue innovating and delivering exceptional results for our clients. We are grateful for the recognition and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”


At its core, OOm is a full-fledged digital agency that specialises in crafting bespoke marketing campaigns for clients through services such as SEO, Google marketing solutions, website development, social media marketing solutions, and more.


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