Mar 09 2023

Press Release: OOm Pte Ltd’s Statement On Reported Fraudulent Recruitment

Posted by Charisma Felix

August 10, 2021 [Updated March 9, 2023] — It was brought to OOm Pte Ltd’s attention that our company’s name and logo was misused by a fraudulent individual/organisation.


According to reports from the public, scammers were offering fake part-time jobs for e-commerce. Some victims came across fake job advertisements, while others received unsolicited WhatsApp or Telegram messages from unknown numbers. The scammers then directed the victims to another website with OOm’s company logo to create an account. They would then explain that the job is an order grabbing role that requires them to help e-commerce platform merchants improve their sales through advance purchases. Moreover, the scammers would assure their victims that they would receive a refund eventually, with a commission. Some victims were told to transfer funds to an account first in order to earn their commission, but the commission was never received.  


We have no affiliation with this website or the activities that take place on it.  Since then, the website has been removed. Although the initial website was taken down, it has resurfaced recently again, not only with our company’s name, but also with other brands. Apart from targeting our local audience in Singapore, these scams have extended beyond borders and made appearances in Hong Kong as well.


As a result, we advise the public across all regions to refrain from providing personal information and not agreeing to requests from unknown sources. The police have also been notified, and the case is currently being investigated.


If you have any information related to such crimes, you can call 1800-255-0000 or submit your information online at www.police.gov.sg/iwitness.


The scam affected 11 victims who collectively lost S$70,000. For more information about the online scam that involved our company, click on Lianhe Zaobao’s article below.



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Lianhe Zaobao’s article about the scam incident



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