Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

With the rise of the internet and social media, managing a company’s public perception takes more than just a press release to maintain and protect. In today’s digital age, millions of people rely on search engines to find information that can be potentially relevant to your business or services.


Unfortunately, negative reputation online can significantly ruin the public perception of your organisation. Our Search Engine Reputation Management, or SERM service allows you to protect your online image by using trusted SEO techniques.

The OOm Advantage

  • Customised Approach

    We believe that brand identity plays a big part in your overall digital strategy. Our search engine reputation management (SERM) service incorporates your unique brand objectives to bridge the gap between how your company views itself and how others perceive it.

  • Long Term Solution

    Here at OOm, we understand the value of managing a brand’s online presence for the long-term. By protecting your brand with our SEO strategies and brand reputation management solutions, we can positively control your company’s online image for a lasting impact.

  • Proven Track Record

    With over a decade of experience in search marketing, we have the proven track record to ensure that your brand’s online reputation can maintain positive visibility and effectively filter out negative information on the web.

Benefits of SERM

Track your Reputation

SERM enables you to keep a close watch of any mention of your organisation on Google search results and take necessary actions to protect your brand

Control Negative Search Results

Negative search results can destroy your brand’s reputation. SERM gives you the leverage your business needs to filter out negative information associated with your online presence

Improve your Visibility

Search engine reputation management improves your search engine ranking to focus on the content that you want your customers to see

Customer Insights

SERM gives you unique and valuable insights from your customers. By consistently monitoring your company’s mentions, you can take immediate action to improve your business


Damaging information about your business can be very expensive to fix if left unnoticed. Search engine reputation management is a practical and economical proactive approach for a healthy online company image

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