How many times have you discovered that you are Voldemort and you’re not Harry Potter? Or that you were a giraffe in your past life? And have you also discovered that you are more of a dog person than a food person? Or that the Monsters Inc. movie completely resembles your life? These are just few of the things that you discover every time you click and answer any quizzes on social media.


Of course, anybody of a sane mind would know that it’s not really accurate, right? But somehow many active social media users can’t help but be intrigued with these online quizzes. Why? Generally speaking, social media quizzes are fun to take and to share. The curiosity it brings the users make them want to know the results, and share it to everyone they know. Because of that, these online quizzes are rapidly dominating various social media sites.


These types of quizzes are actually more popular on Facebook. Well, almost anything can go viral on Facebook – from quizzes to lists, how to articles, videos, and of course, memes. But online quizzes are one of the most shareable contents on Facebook in 2017. And there’s only one reason for it: it feeds the users’ ego and strengthens their idea of who they are. Every time users share a quiz result to their friends, they are indirectly giving a glimpse of who they are and what they are interested in. And in this seemingly self-admiring era, it’s kind of a big factor.


Initially, though, these quizzes are created to engage the audience and to entertain them. It’s a simple way of connecting to different people online. But this phenomena also transformed to be one of the best marketing tool anyone has ever made. There are companies, or media platforms, that create quizzes to entice and build the momentum of an ongoing promotion. They maximise the use of personality tests and trivia quizzes to advertise and to market their brand.


But how are these quizzes becoming a marketing tool? It’s simple: they trigger the fandom’s fantasy. Let’s face it, if you are a big fan of a product or a movie, or a company, you would have already imagined yourself being a part of it.


So, for example, when any Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are on the hype, you will see tons of online quizzes about the movie that will surely lure the interest for all the MCU fans around the world. Take a look at some of the examples below; take note that these are just on Buzzfeed, there are still a lot of websites that allows you to create quizzes.



Little did most users know, these types of quizzes are already a form of digital marketing, but it’s a good kind of advertising – something that is beneficial for both the brand and the consumer.

Another powerful method that these quizzes have is the “Who you are” concept. These are the types of quizzes that will help you identify who you are as fictional or popular character.




Now, tell me that these types of quizzes didn’t catch your interest. Especially if the movie or TV series is something that you are addicted to, you can’t help but take it, right? Simply because these quizzes focus on who we consciously want to be.


You would think that with the rise of mobile devices and shortened attention span of the users, the social media posts have to be short and sweet, right? Well, surprisingly online quizzes find their way in competing in the social media market and making it one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand.


In reality, it’s not the number of responses that can impact the publicity of your company, it’s the shared links. On average, these quizzes are shared 51, 968 times compared to popular articles with only 15, 527 times. It only goes to show that no important news can defeat the results of a quiz like “Which Character from Gilmore Girls are You?



How Will You Make It Work?

Crafting an engaging online quiz is not really a rocket science. First, you just have to pick the right title. Titles are your bait to capture the attention of your readers. You would want to attract them. Thus, luring them with “This is who you are” and “Discover something about yourself” types of quizzes are effective.


Once the titles are made, you can start conceptualizing with engaging questions. You can use images and quotable quotes to make it more relatable. And lastly, make your results creatively crafted to make it more shareable. Use anecdotes or popular people, figures, or characters so people will be interested in sharing it.


The process of creating these online quizzes may be easy, but conceptualizing and designing the assessment to make it a little accurate is a little bit tricky. The natural style of personality tests will measure the result based on the users’ preferences and compare it to the characteristics of each result. It’s basically knowing the behavioral patterns of the user and how they react to certain things through a series of situational questions. People dig the idea of determining their dominant personalities, and brands can take advantage of that.



What Makes It An Effective Marketing Tool?

Whenever the users click on a quiz and start taking questions about which Game of Thrones house they belong to, they are already giving their basic demographic information to the creator of a quiz which can be used for other marketing platform or strategy. As a marketer, these information will allow you to study your target market fully and it can help you create more targeted campaigns for your next promotion.


Social media quizzes can draw a lot of attention, there’s no doubt on that. Also, marketers are aware that doing quizzes are absolutely fun and it’s something that people will say yes to. Furthermore, online quizzes are capable of going viral; thus, it can lead to increasing your revenue and generating new leads.


Make use of social media quizzes in marketing your brand and see how it can make a lot of difference.

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