Domain Authority’s Ranking Myth

For years already, Domain Authority has been an immensely important factor in the belief of Google’s factors for ranking. The higher the DA, the better. So if you have a lot of backlinks with high DA, that’s a good thing. If your website has high DA, that’s also a good thing. This means that the […]

How To Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric that we all use in our everyday lives as SEO’s. This number indicates the level of authority a website has. So it goes both ways. You want your site to have high levels of this at the same time, you want to go and land a link on websites that […]

SEO Training: Domain Authority

Besides the fact that you need to have a clear idea about the information you would want to share with the rest of the world, there are some things that you would still need to learn and master if you want your dreams of dominating the search engine results to come true. What’s up fellow […]