Disavowing Links & Link Removal on GSC

You can be the best Plumber in the entire universe, but if you don’t have the proper tools to aid you in your work, you’re done. SEO tools are and always has been very ubiquitous. The internet is a deep sea where gold is always scattered all around. Diagnosing and fixing websites is greatly improved […]

The Search Console AMP and Schema Combo

We’ve burned through a lot of great topics here on our blog, and there are 3 very important heavy aspects of SEO that we can definitely say, gives a better fighting chance against competing websites. The Google Search console (previously known as the Google Webmaster Tools) is essentially a free tool that (obviously) is offered […]

In-Depth: Google Search Console

Back in the age of the dinosaurs, right before the extinction of keyword spamming and mass reposting of stolen content happened, there was a thing called the Google Webmaster Tool. It was good that Bing also made one, but fast forward to our more algorithm-update littered present time, it has since evolved into what we […]

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