The Details of Last Month’s Core Update

Core updates have been popping out from everywhere lately these past few years. Like little hidden land mines, they’ve eliminated quite a number of websites and businesses that haven’t been following guidelines to an exact T.   This year’s very first Google confirmed core update did not fail to very same thing as well.   […]

Half Past 2018: A Digital Marketing Mid-Year Report

  It may sound as a surprise, but the first half of 2018 has passed. Today is the official first working day for the second half of the year. Now, let’s try to take a look at what has transpired, and changed, in the digital marketing world since the beginning of this year, particularly in […]

5 Stages Of Declining Ranking Grief

Nothing can ever last forever. You may be able to have the most authoritative website online one moment, and next thing you know, you’re just one of the many number two’s out there in SERPS. Most times you can actually fight off getting defeated by your competitors. There’s always a way. But then there’s that […]

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