4 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Journalists

Under this digital, and commercialised age, some have expressed their hesitations with paving their careers toward the old media model. While bringing fresh, and sharp news daily never ceases to be relevant, there are still some who concede that content marketing offers rich soil for journalists to have better opportunities and living conditions. With this, […]

9 Tips to Maximise Content Length and Generate Leads

An interesting headline about a topic online encourages being clicked. The actual post has to be long enough.   See More Backlinks   In creating a blog post for a brand, long form is advisable to produce more backlinks. It is best to put substance in the written copy. Backlinks that are made of good […]

Symptoms of a Dying Business

For businesses, there are only three phases that a business can be: expanding, sustaining, or death. Of course, every business wants to expand, but expansion is costly and requires a large sum of capital; sustainability then becomes a problem. When a business is in the phase of sustaining, the company is at a good position with adequate profit and […]

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