How To Detect And Avoid Negative SEO

The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry has had a significant transformation in recent years, particularly when Google released the Penguin Algorithm Update. Along with this update were severe penalties for websites that use black hat SEO strategies to rank. This was a great move by Google to get troublemaking outsource search engine optimization agencies in […]

How to Know When Your Competitor is Panicking

Of all the secretly schadenfreude type of content we’ve shared with you our dear fellow SEO friends, this is probably one of the juiciest ones. Though on a serious note, the purpose of this afternoon’s topic is not to laugh at the enemy, but rather to be aware of some of the dangerous signs they […]

The Ridiculous Side Of Having Competitors

People are capable of doing really extreme things. Some of which can be really scary and unbelievable, while some are so odd it’s completely ridiculous. After finishing the whole Evil Genius series in one go the night before, it reminded me of the extreme lengths some of my older competitors did to try and bring […]

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