A Complete Guide to Customer Segmentation in Digital Marketing

Guide To Customer Segmentation For Better Digital Marketing

Audience segmentation in digital marketing in Singapore has been used to deliver a relevant message to the audience. It segments the market into different groups based on their demographics, behaviour, and more, and tailors a digital marketing campaign targeting their preference. The benefits of customer segmentation include personalised marketing, customer retention, and new niche market segments. There are at least nine types of customer segmentation models, and they are: 1.) Demographic Segmentation; 2.) Geographic Segmentation; 3.) Psychographic Segmentation; 4.) Technographic Segmentation; 5.) Behavioural Segmentation; 6.) Needs-based Segmentation; 7.) Value-based Segmentation; 8.) Firmographic Segmentation; and 9.)Social Media Segmentation. To utilise these models, one must apply segmentation strategies, including identifying the goals, segmenting the customers, determining the customer’s needs, using social media segmentation for ad positioning, reaching customer segments, re-evaluating customer segments, analysing the top segments, and analysing the competitors.