In a world where social media connects us all, Instagram has taken a bold step to redefine how we interact with our inner circles. Say hello to Threads — a messaging app that reimagines the way we share and communicate, bringing us closer than ever before.


Recently introduced in a momentous announcement, Threads promises a new era of text sharing with seamless integration into the Instagram ecosystem. As the excitement ripples through the digital landscape, marketers are seizing this golden opportunity to revolutionise their brand’s outreach and forge lasting relationships with their audience.


Join us as we delve into how Threads works and the endless possibilities it holds for marketers seeking to elevate their influence and ignite greater engagement.


How Threads Works


Threads offers a fresh and intimate way to communicate, empowering users to cultivate deeper connections with like-minded individuals. So, what exactly is Threads?


  • Seamless Integration and Customisable Profiles


    Seamless Integration and Customisable Profiles-showcase your personality


    Getting started with Threads is a breeze — simply use your existing Instagram account to log in. Your Instagram username and verification will carry over, providing a familiar experience that instantly connects you to your close friends. However, Threads also offers a unique touch, allowing users to customise their profiles specifically for this new platform. It is a chance to showcase your personality and preferences, making your Threads experience truly yours.


  • A Secure and Safe Space for Younger Users


    For those under 16 (or under 18 in certain countries), a private profile is automatically set up upon joining Threads. This ensures that young users can explore the app in a secure environment, fostering positive interactions among their chosen connections.


  • Discovering Like-Minded Individuals


    Discovering Like-Minded Individuals-expanding your social horizons


    One of the most exciting aspects of Threads is its ability to bring like-minded individuals together. You have the freedom to follow the same accounts you do on Instagram, and at the same time, discover more people who share similar interests and passions. Threads curates recommended content from new creators you have not encountered yet, offering an opportunity to expand your social horizons.


  • Rich and Versatile Content Sharing


    Rich and Versatile Content Sharing-capture your audience attention


    With Threads, expressing yourself knows no bounds. Each post can be up to 500 characters long, allowing for more in-depth narratives. Beyond text, you can share links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length, enriching your conversations and capturing your audience’s attention. And the best part? You can easily share a Threads post to your Instagram story or as a link on any other platform, extending your reach and impact.


  • Fostering Positive Conversations


    Threads is designed with tools to enable positive and productive conversations. Empowering you with control, you can decide who can mention you or reply to your threads, ensuring a respectful and safe space for interaction. Like on Instagram, you can add hidden words to filter out replies containing specific words, creating a nurturing environment for meaningful discussions.


  • A Unified Ecosystem of Safety


    Security is of utmost importance and Threads further reinforces Instagram’s commitment to user safety. Any account blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads, streamlining your protection across platforms.


Threads vs Twitter



Length & Structure
characters limit
characters limit
Content Organisation
Thread related
tweets together
Retweet or reply
to the entire thread
Tweets can be liked,
retweete & replied to
Discoverability & Virality
Spread at a
slower pace due
to extended length
Highly shareable,
can go
viral quickly
Publishing Process
Plan & structure
content for a
cohesive thread
Purpose & Context
Great for personal stories,
tutorials or in-depth
Accommodate news
sharing links&express
opinions concisely


While both Threads and Twitter cater to our desire for connection and expression, they offer different approaches to shaping our digital narratives.


  • Length and Structure


    Twitter is known for allowing tweets limited to a concise 280 characters. This succinct format encourages users to convey their message with razor-sharp precision. On the other hand, Threads almost doubles the character limit to 500, offering a canvas for more extensive narratives. Comprising a series of connected tweets, they break free from character constraints, allowing users to share longer and more comprehensive thoughts or stories.


  • Content Organisation


    Twitter excels at real-time, short-form content dissemination. Each tweet is an independent unit of information, chronologically presented on a user’s timeline. Threads, however, empowers content organisation in a more structured manner. Users can thread related posts together, creating a cohesive narrative that flows seamlessly. This makes it easier for readers to follow the thread’s flow and engage with the story holistically.


  • Engagement


    Individual tweets can be liked, retweeted, and replied to, enabling users to interact with each tweet separately. But Threads invites engagement on a broader scale — users can reply to the entire thread, appreciating the narrative as a unified entity.


  • Discoverability and Virality


    Twitter’s single tweets have the potential to go viral rapidly, reaching a vast audience across the platform. The short and immediate nature of tweets makes them highly shareable. Threads, while also capable of gaining traction and visibility, may spread at a slower pace than individual tweets due to their extended length and the need for sustained attention from readers.


  • Publishing Process


    Publishing a thread on Threads is a deliberate and thoughtful process. Users must carefully plan and structure their content to ensure a cohesive and coherent thread. In contrast, tweeting individual posts on Twitter is relatively straightforward and spontaneous, catering to on-the-go updates and quick expressions.


  • Purpose and Context


    Twitter serves diverse purposes, accommodating news updates, announcements, sharing links, and expressing opinions concisely. Conversely, Threads excels in scenarios where more context and detail are necessary, such as personal stories, tutorials, or in-depth discussions.


What Does the Launch of Threads Mean for Marketers


As Mark Zuckerberg’s latest brainchild, Threads, emerges on the social media landscape, marketers find themselves standing at the threshold of a promising yet uncharted territory. With its recent launch without paid advertising, Threads signals a strategic move by Meta to focus on building a strong user base before opening the door to promotional opportunities. While marketers may not yet see immediate monetisation options, the platform is still an alluring space to explore.


While advertising on Threads remains a question mark, seasoned marketers understand the importance of early engagement. By proactively establishing an organic presence on the platform, marketers can gain valuable insights into user behaviour and preferences. This data will be invaluable in crafting effective ad strategies when advertising formats eventually become available.


However, the initial experience on Threads might feel akin to being in a lively yet somewhat chaotic group chat. Users and marketers alike are navigating the platform’s unique features and functionalities, eager to decipher its untapped potential. This places emphasis on social teams to experiment, adapt, and discover the most effective ways to engage with the community.


There Is More to Discover as Threads Gains Traction


As Threads is still relatively new, it remains to be seen how it will be adopted by users and marketers in Singapore and beyond.


Whether Threads will become a staple platform for marketers is yet to be determined, but it is undoubtedly worth exploring as a potential tool to enhance your social media marketing efforts. For now, keeping a close eye on its developments and experimenting with creative content seems like a prudent approach.


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