What Is The Consumer Purchase Journey?

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What are the 4 stages of the customer journey and how to apply it to your digital marketing campaigns?

Whether your business recently went through digital transformation or has been in the ecommerce industry for years, you should know that the customer journey in digital marketing differs vastly from traditional marketing in the past.

As technology evolves and the internet becomes more available to everyone, customers can easily make comparisons and research for information, making informed buying decisions wherever they are.

The same goes for ecommerce businesses. With online media, you can take advantage of this opportunity to track your customers’ journey and tailor your digital marketing campaigns to target them at relevant stages.

4 Benefits of Video Marketing

4 Benefits Of Video Marketing

61% of marketers used videos as digital marketing tools in 2016. The numbers have increased ever since, with 86% of marketers now using videos today.

Online video marketing is especially beneficial for small businesses to stand out amongst competition, you can create bite-sized pieces of content that will help you to:
✅ Attract Customers
✅ Generate Leads
✅ Drive Sales

The 4 benefits of video marketing for small businesses include:
1️. Improving your level of social media engagement by sharing your videos on social media platforms
2️. Acquiring 41% more web traffic
3️. Increasing 88% more dwell time on your website
4️. Increasing the likelihood of customers buying your products as 90% of customers stated that videos influence their purchase decision