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Pay-per-Click is a household brand in the florist industry and has since expanded with offices and retail stores in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The challenge faced was stiff online competition. We were tasked to manage their search marketing campaigns to increase conversions of their e-commerce store.


The online florist industry is extremely competitive. With many competitors bidding to display their ads on Google, the cost to pay for each keyword is getting more expensive. With high cost per keyword, ROI was reduced.  Their previous campaign was not well optimize and this caused their ads to lose impressions due to low quality score. Potential customers were turning to their competitors to make purchases because of lost impression.


Through research and analysis, we identified issues and modified their existing SEM campaign. Alternative platforms (such as Display Advertising, Yahoo Advertising, Bing Advertising, etc.) were introduced to further expand the brand awareness of the company.

By working closely with our regional strategic partners, we were able to distinguish the different consumer behaviours in different countries. This enabled us to make the necessary modifications and apply different targeting and optimization strategies. For instance, we ran Traditional Chinese ads for the Hong Kong market, which increased conversions and sales revenue for HK.

We have also refined the campaign keywords by categorizing them into converting keywords and removed those that were not converting into sales.


In comparison to their previous SEM campaigns, our efforts resulted in improved conversion rates which translated to an increase in ROI.

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