Content Marketing: Tips On Creating Live Social Media Videos

There is no doubt that brands have completely embraced the use of videos in social media as part of their marketing tool. Why wouldn’t they when a huge chunk of your target market is hooked on their mobile phones almost every day? And with a great chance of building a high publicity, every company would really jump into the craze of showcasing more videos. Simply because people love to see what’s going on, and that’s one of the reasons why social media networks such as Facebook has become a hit.


But recently, video sharing has innovated once again. More than just sharing beautifully crafted, recorded videos, companies can now share live videos through their social media network accounts giving their audiences more rooms for engagement. And we are not just talking about the daily video stories that you share on apps like Instagram or Snapchat; we are referring to actually broadcasting a live event. So when live video sharing for brands has become one of the hottest trends in the digital marketing scene, many consumers have become more interested.


So, if you want to get the attention of your targeted consumers, make sure that you are creating and sharing live video coverage on your social media accounts that’s enticing them and would make them tune in. Here are some pointers to remember when creating your live social media videos:




Find A Purpose

It’s the most important thing. You cannot just share random videos of what’s happening in your office or how your usual workday goes. You have to remember the difference between a personal live video and a professional live video. Create videos with contents that your viewers will actually care about. Before you go live, make sure that whatever it is that you are going to show is aligned with your company’s brand positioning and perception.



Capture Their Attention As Much As Possible

You can open with a very lively and entertaining number. Go beyond the usual blogger or reporter style stating what you are doing and where you are; it looks too casual. Even for live videos, you can actually create an OBBs and sponsored banners so you can make use of that. You should also keep the video entertaining and informative at the same time; avoid having dead airs or showing people that you don’t know what you’re doing. It may be a live video, but it’s smart to create a script prior to airing. Conceptualization and brainstorming can come in handy.



Choose Your Talent Wisely

It doesn’t have to be physically attractive – well, that depends on your brand – but you have to make sure that your talent has the ability to make the time worthwhile for the entire broadcast session. If you have the budget or the resources, you can consider hiring an online influencer so the audience share is already active. Remember, the main talent will be the face of the show, so choose wisely.



Practice Makes Perfect

We know we said that it’s a live broadcast, but if you already have a script, try to do a lot of reruns so you won’t look like you don’t know what you’re doing on air. You can try recording on a smartphone first before actually going live. Rehearse the expressions, the banters, and the adlibs. But still, always be ready to come up with a witty and smart filler just in case something unexpected happens when you’re live.



Be Prepared For Tech Issues

Whether you like it or not, technology will fail. One way or another, there will be technical difficulties. So, be ready for backups settings or hardware just in case something fails – especially for the audio settings. Losing the audio is one of the tragic things that can happen while broadcasting.


Think of something to look foward to.


We’re not saying that you should do it often, unless you have the resources, but try to entice the viewers with surprises on air. You can ask them to comment on a certain issue or you can ask their opinion about the current topic, etc. Either way, make sure to give the audience something to engage with.




Give A Little Extra In The Story

It may be a professional live video but it pays to have a little bloopers at times. You can share some behind the scenes during product launches, you can tell stories about your consumers or products, or just basically sharing anything that makes you human.



Go For Live Events Sometimes

If your brand is invited on a particular event, you can broadcast it by sharing a live video of it. It’s a good marketing strategy which shows that your brand is actually a part of a community and that you are participating on it. You can show clips of your people hanging out with other people in the industry. It’s also a good way to show that your company has a good relationship with its colleagues.



Have Fun And Make It Fun!

More than anything else, have fun doing the videos. It may be a marketing tactic but it’s still an entertainment tool, after all. No matter how great your script is or how awesome the technology you’re using, if the people see robots trying to do a live video, it will reflect on the ambience. So, if you want to make it a happy and successful video, you have to make sure that you’re having fun doing it.