Creative Showcase: Best Website Banners and Homepage

Feb 20 2019

Creative Showcase: Best Website Banners and Homepage

Written by Aj Aviado

When you browse through websites online, you may see a banner that appears on the homepage. This is a typical form of digital marketing ad that comes from an SEO company in Singapore. In it are splendid visuals and text about the brand.  


Size of The Website Banner

Based on the information of Google Adsense, following website banner sizes is essential. The Leaderboard banner is found at the top of a page. It is rectangular in size and the main feature for a website page. Seeing the Half page draws attention. Occupying half of a page, it has huge advertising space. For the Medium Rectangle, it is just the right size. Not so big and not so small, the advertising space shows ample visuals and details. When it comes to the Large Rectangle, there is slightly bigger space.


Brand Awareness

As we all know, each website banner needs balance on the design. The goal is to generate awareness for the brand. Also, the website has to receive substantial volume of traffic. In seeing the logo, it has to appear dominant. However, the call to action or value proposition remains more noticeable. The value proposition mentions the pricing and promotional offers. Phrases such as “limited time offer”, “high quality” or “20% off” is mentioned.


When the call-to-action signal is seen, the guest is usually requested to press a button or text. There are phrases for this part and includes “learn more”, “watch now” or “get started”. It has to send a clear message for the guest. Visuals that are pleasing to the eyes and text that is readable are necessary. All it takes for the guest to see the website banner and be convinced is a second. In such a quick moment, his attention has to be caught.


Graphics In The Frame

It is common knowledge for SEO agencies all over for the details in a frame to be read. The eyes are designed to look at them. For further interest, the guest is encouraged to click on the website banner. Images in the banner that reach the edges is deemed effective. For a white background, a gray border with one pixel surrounds the banner. A frame that has a clear shape is favorable. Put buttons on the banner to raise the click-through rate. The suitable placement is on the right side bottom part.


Text Appearance

The appearance of text on the website banner has to be appropriate. Make the font size big enough to be read. For the headline and body, it is ideal that the font sizes are different. Only until four lines are advisable. It is necessary that fonts with a script are not used. Weight of this font style is very thin. Uppercase fonts are also not suitable. Smaller than font size 10 is likewise deemed not ideal. In following these tips for the text, the website banner becomes efficient.


Animation and Special Effects

Blending of the website banner on the page increases the chance of being viewed and pressed. An SEO company wants the details to be seen clearly. When it comes to animation, this special effect performs better than the static kind. Give more focus on the banner message, though. Only 15 seconds are allotted for the simple animation. In the last frame where animation appears, the call to action has to be clear.


Clear Message

When the website banner is pressed, the landing page appears according to an SEO agency. This is where the brand gives the offer. Branding is the basis for the website banner to be matched with. Remember that being consistent with the brand message is important. Include graphics that are apt for the brand. Abstract images are not advisable. Make them clear and direct to the point. Effective marketing entails clarity in the conveyed message.


Use of Original and Copyright Images

Use high-quality graphics that are original for your brand. Simply getting them online decreases brand value. Make it appear to your consumer that everything on the website banner comes from the brand. However, generic images with copyright may be bought. Also, there has to be consent from the owner. Impressive text goes a long way for the website banner to be given attention. Along with this, the layout is also easy on the eyes.


Choice of Colors

Seeing colors imparts different meanings to the consumer. In having a glimpse of the website banner, it is the color that grabs the attention. Red is synonymous to passion, romance, excitement, and madness. Moderate use of this color is good. For orange, be ready for vigor and playfulness. This suits the call to action button. When it comes to green, there is health, growth, and nurturing. The appearance of blue signals trust, smartness, and safety.    


Entrust cool multimedia effects on a website banner through an SEO company. These give life and vigor to the brand.

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