Developing a middle ground: Client & Agency Understanding  

Romantic relationships are like a combination of different potions. Sometimes certain elements blend well together, sometimes they don’t. When it comes to maintaining business relationships, there’s almost no difference. Both the client and firm should maintain “certain elements” so they can blend well together to reach a point of understanding.


Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the needs and wants from one another. The client wants this, the agency wants that; so on and so forth…


But when in doubt, sometimes the best option can be decided by looking at the simpler things in life. Since it’s already the month of February, why shouldn’t we look to the power of love for answers?


Love and romance work well like business relationships. Think about it, both romance and business include two parties, understanding, and trust from one another. It’s no different, aside from the “love” part, obviously.


Working together by knowing each other

One of the most basic fundamentals of love and everything in between is knowing each party’s skills and limitations. Think about it, just like any other romantic relationship, if you want to reach a certain understanding from both sides, you should get to know one another more carefully. The same goes for customers and firms. Customers won’t hire a writer to produce graphics, they hire writers to let them write.


Both parties-patron and firm-should lay whatever they have on the table and assess what both of them are capable of doing. Once both parties have shown transparency and dedication to each of their crafts, both sides should respect the capabilities of the other. In doing so, you’ll build a bridge of trust, which leads to a better point of understanding from one another.



Fighting the norm

When it comes to discussions, controversial topics are always the hardest to deal with. But just like in any other relationship, this can be harmful to both sides. Not being able to get out of the comfort zone can be dangerous in the long run.


To form a better understanding for both sides, it’s best to try and challenge the norm by getting out of the comfort zone. Escape the norm, and tackle hard topics so both the client and the agency will challenge one another’s opposing views (if there is any).


After everything that’s been said, both the client and agency should discover what should help them both. After all, the point of the relationship is to achieve a middle ground.


Common mistakes in relationships

Love is a simple journey, but it isn’t easy for everyone. It’s a trial and error situation for couples who learn from one mistake to the other. Business relationships go through similar phases. When the agency makes a mistake, the client will react. And of course, you can’t permanently avoid mistakes, but you should learn from them.


One common mistake is leaving the contract open for interpretation. The agency should clearly lay out everything that needs to be said and done in the contract, and the client should understand everything that’s written. It’s important to have everything that should be understood clearly stated in the contract to avoid confusion. This simple piece of paper will dictate the limitations of the client-agency relationship.


Another common mistake for relationships everywhere is the lack of clear communication. Just like couple keeping secrets from one another, agencies and clients withholding key information from another can be disastrous. Whenever the agency proceeds to progress through a project with essential changes, they should inform the client so everything is up to date. This will reduce the need for back-and-forth discussions, and in the end, will build more trust for both parties.



Love and other things

At the end of the day, love and business have both goals: complete understanding from one another. Every client and agency strives to keep this goal alive by working well with another. This form of companionship should be practised not just for romance, but for all other forms of relationships as well.


From clients to agencies and vice versa, developing a competent relationship works just like how a romantic couple should. Build a strong foundation by knowing each other’s capabilities, then stretching out the goals in a clear and precise manner. From there on out, both the client and the agency should reach a middle ground.


Love is a trial and error type of situation for couples. The same can be said to client-agency relationships. If a normal couple can reach a middle ground, so can customers and businesses.