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Oct 26 2017

How To Catch A Bad SEM Vendor

Written by Maricel Oriel

The search engine marketing (SEM) industry is getting larger at the moment. This prompted a lot of businesses to allocate their budget from traditional advertisers to online marketing alternatives. This is now bringing a lot of people are starting to join the industry by the minute. However, clients should be aware of the proper ways to avoid dealing with a bad SEM vendor.


At the moment, choosing the right SEM company to work with can still be a bit tricky since the industry is still quite new. This is why it is very necessary for business owners to understand how to pick a good SEM proposal compared to the ones who have little experience in doing SEM practices.


One of the first things to avoid when looking for a good SEM vendor is picking the first SEM company that offers the lowest price among its competitors. In Singapore, small businesses normally look for a SEM company in Singapore that may not charge as much as the others.


However, businesses should always see to it that the SEM vendor offers them complete social engine marketing services composed of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) services, social media as well as local map optimization. If the offer from the SEM vendor comes with a very low price but it does not include these services, then business owners should look for others that comes with complete services but does not break the bank.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a good SEM vendor is its ability to outline their deliverables with the indicated time frame. This will ensure them that they will receive all the services that they have agreed upon on time.


Also, businesses should always look for the most well-crafted SEM proposal. Even start-up SEM companies should know how to properly present their services like allocating some time to do the research about their prospective clients.


A good proposal should always indicate the clients’ name as well as the person in charge for their marketing strategies. Those who start their proposal with an email addressed to “Sir” or “Madam” could be an indication that the vendor did not research about their client well. Their proposal should also come with important statistics regarding the company’s domain, vital keywords, as well as the company’s social media landscape. If the SEM vendor managed to indicate these details in their proposal, it means that they are ready to provide a good service to their prospective clients.


Credible SEM vendors should also be prepared to teach their clients a thing or two in the current trends of online marketing. This could save them some time from constantly checking up if what they are paying for could actually work for their company.


In addition, as good SEM vendor should have a credible background. Clients must always look for feedbacks and investigate the SEM company’s history before signing up for their services. But reviews which are too good to be true should also be avoided as well.


All in all, learning about the factors that could help business owners get the most from their SEM vendors without the risk of being short-changed.

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