If you’re starting a business website, then you probably already heard about hiring an SEM agency.


Unlike search engine optimization that revolves around organic traffic, in search engine marketing or SEM, you’re focusing on traffic that you pay for. The main reason why you need to be extra careful before deciding which team to work with.


You need to know where your money goes. That said,  give yourself time to think through your options. There are tons of SEM companies ready to work with you. But the question is whether they’ll be a good fit for your business.


As you identify the best SEO company for your business website, here are few questions to ask candidates.


1. Are you familiar with my business or industry?

Sure they are skilled when it comes to SEM, but chances are they are not that familiar with your business yet. Introducing your business is part of the process when you’re working with a marketing company. But at the end of the day, it will make things a lot easier if the team already has exposure within your industry. Ask them if they’ve already worked with businesses in the same industry as yours. Of course you’ll want to be sure they are not working with a direct competitor.


2. What strategies would you recommend for my business?

Developing a strategy, whether that is for PPC, website content, or social media, requires comprehensive research. Your SEM agency should be ready to work with you in customizing a strategy that is consistent with your business goals.  There are several platforms you can spend your time and money in but you don’t have to be present in all of them. You need your efforts targeted so you can also avoid wasting resources. This is where digital marketing experts can help you with. They can help make sure that your business can be found where your potential leads are as well.


3. Will you help me strengthen my website content?

The answer should be yes. An SEM professional’s job does not end when someone clicks on your ad from the search results page. You can’t win a lead with your ad only to lose them once they reach your landing page. That said, your SEM team will also take a look at your content, from keywords to page URLs you’re using. Streamlining your on-page content may require working with another team due to additional workload, but at least you know that your online marketing strategy is cohesive. After all, SEM companies more often than not also SEO services.


4. Can you take me to the top spot right away?

There’s no guarantee your website would shoot upwards the top results page. And more so, that this can be accomplished in a short time. You’ll be going against thousands of website after all. But if your SEM team is fully experienced and knowledgeable, then you can at least keep peace of mind knowing your rankings will improve overtime. More important, that they won’t be using strategies that will get your site penalized later on.


Remember these questions as you interview SEO companies. There are a lot more important things to discuss but this list should make a good start!

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