So you’re done publishing your content. As far as your team is concerned, everything – from the content down to the images – looks perfect.


You’re excited to see feedback and shares come in but after a week, there’s nothing. Your blog traffic is far from what you expected. Is there anything wrong with your work?


Any professional providing SEO services in Singapore will agree that you should as well spend time getting exposure for your blog posts. This means that writing and publishing are only half the task done.


To help you get started, here are 3 ways on how you can increase your blog traffic for free without harming your website.


1. Share blog posts on your social media accounts.

You have your social media accounts all running. Why don’t you promote your blog posts using these platforms? Any SEO company will advise that you do so.


Study behavior of your followers to determine the time of day they’re most active. Take advantage of these hours to share your newest content. And don’t be shy to promote your content again after a month or even after a year if you see they’re still relevant to current issues.


If you’ll take a look at the number of posts published every minute on social media platforms, you’ll agree yourself that it’s easy for your own post to go unnoticed. That said, it pays to promote more than once. Do it sparingly, though. You don’t want your followers to be put off.


Also, in case you haven’t, do install social media buttons on your website. This way, your blog visitors can share or save any content they want seamlessly.  If you’re not sure how to do this, your SEO or SEM agency in Singapore should be able to assist you.


2. Repurpose your content.

Do you have old blogs that are still bringing traffic to your website? You may want to revisit these posts and see how you can update them.


Perhaps you have new studies or insights you want to add to them. Or maybe a content would be perfect if used for an infographic or podcasts. Infographics continue to draw traffic as consumers are naturally attracted to visuals.


Graphics and images also make content easier to digest. Podcasts, on the other hand, work great for your followers that prefer audio resource materials. They can enjoy your content even when they’re on the road.


You’re using your old posts in fresher ways more people will appreciate. In the end, you’re not only attracting traffic to your blog post per se. You’re also getting exposure for your website.


3. Get influencers to guest post on your site.

Working with influencers in your field is a two-way street. You can’t expect them to write on your blog in an instant. For one, these people are incredibly busy. Also, they’ll appreciate it if you are already a long time follower of theirs.


This means that before even thinking of sending them an invite, do take time to build a relationship with them. They’re more likely to respond if your face or name is familiar than if you will just approach them out of the blue.


It will also be easier for you to compose a personal email if you are an actual follower. You won’t have to use robotic templates, which by the way you should never do when conducting an outreach.


You’ll also have better chances of getting the chance to write for influencers if they know you’re a real person talking about your own unique experiences.


Increasing your blog traffic is not as easy. It takes patience and consistency. But, once you’ve already mastered the process, it should be faster to see results you want.

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