SEO & Social Networking – What’s the Connection?


There are a lot of changes going on in the world of search engine optimization right now and there is a lot of talk about what online marketing strategies may need to change in order to remain competitive. These changes will mainly affect those who aren’t already producing high quality content with relevant keywords and no deceptions. In the future, experts are predicting some changes that could affect everyone, including those who already use organic SEO practices.


One of these changes that could take place in the near future is a great emphasis on social networking data in the search engine algorithms. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have become incredibly popular with everyday people, so they are being used as tools for marketing online as well.


Many search engine optimization experts are predicting that at some point the search engines will start to count data like the number of “likes” on Facebook or the popularity of a Twitter account when they determine which websites are featured on the coveted first page of their results.


Google has already changed their search criteria to incorporate more aspects of social networking, which is a pretty strong sign that the other search engines will soon do the same. Google is still the leading search engine and they have not changed much of their algorithm based on social networking data, but only the future will tell whether they decide to do so or not.


Combining social networking data with SEO only makes sense. Search engine optimization has become the essential way to draw traffic to your website and let the world know your site even exists. Social networking draws millions of people on a daily basis and the top sites have people literally addicted to the point they spend hours every single day on their computers.


Social networking sites have what marketers are seeking when they use search engine optimization. This is why online marketers are now using social networking sites along with their SEO efforts to win over their fair share of visitors. It is also why search engines would have an interest in using social networking data when determining the real value of a particular website.


If you advertise or market online and have yet to branch out onto Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you may want to think about starting accounts for your websites or business right away. Not only can you connect with potential customers in a more influential manner through these sites, but you will have a jumpstart over many of your competitors if Google and other top search engines do decide to start using reputations on those sites as a part of their ranking algorithm.


Bottom line, Google may not yet be looking at how many people “like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter to decide the worth of your website or blog, but there is a chance they will be in the future. There are also great rewards to using social networking sites in your marketing plan, including connecting with you target market and convincing them you are an authority to be trusted in your niche.


There are a lot of things changing in the world of SEO, but that only gives you more incentive to stay ahead of the changes so you aren’t one of those unlucky people caught behind the times.