Logos Can Make or Break a Business

A logo serves as the representation of the brand of a business. In creating logos, businesses should be able to produce a simple yet eye-catching logo in order for consumers to become interested in checking out their products and services. Although an impressive logo attracts consumers, businesses should not forget to incorporate meaningful message within the logo. A simple artistic image should be able to tell a story behind the background or history of a business.

it is hard to create a meaningful and attractive logo because of its simplistic nature. Businesses cannot just integrate all the essential elements or characteristics of their company in creating a logo. The logo might end looking cramped and disorganized if they were to do so. Thus, businesses must think carefully first what are the specific characteristics which can best describe the goods and services of their business.


For budding businesses out there, here are some of the logo trends in 2019 which can help in creating an awesome logo to entice consumers.



The 80’s look is back! With its vibrant colors and spunky designs, consumers will surely lay their eyes on it. Logo design trends are just like how the fashion industry works. Old styles are brought back with an innovative and experimental approach, making the finished product create a modernized retro look. Examples of retro-styled logos are Neon Logos and Bubble-lettering Logos. Both designs display a bold and valiant look. Businesses who used this style shows a lot of their personality and character in the industry.



Most modern designs lean on the minimalist side of things. Just by making use of simple lines and colors in creating a logo, businesses can already produce a sleek and modernized look. Among the logos which falls under this category are the Textbox Logos, Geometric Logos and Fine Line Logos. Textbox Logos make use of the text boxes as borders to create a prominent, slim, and balanced look on the text, while Geometric Logos use basic geometric shapes to create a representation of a brand. On the other hand, Fine Line Logos effectively uses slim lines to evoke emotion and message.



Although too simple, basic logos can create a striking look to attract consumers. Among the basic design are Semi-flat logos and Hand-drawn logos. Semi-flat logos may look generic with its analogous gradient colors, but it creates a long-lasting impression on consumers because of how simple it looks. While Hand-drawn Logos might lack the vibrant, blooming colors, but its authentic look makes it memorable for the consumers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies in Singapore are now using logos as a marketing technique to increase a website’s presence online. Typically, SEO companies in Singapore make use of keywords to increase the traffic on a website. Relevant keywords related to the business’ goods and services are optimized to make it on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In this way, consumers will be able to view their website whenever they enter a particular keyword related to their business.


But because of the innovations of image search in Google, logos can now be used as an SEO tool to increase the online presence of a business. SEO services make use of the “ALT Text Trick” to make this happen. Through HTML coding, web developers can include a short description in the logo’s codes called ALT Attribute. Usually, it contains a one-word description of the photo or logo so that Google would not ban it on its SERPs. It is like inserting relevant keywords on images. Photos and logos are still considered content just like articles. Thus, making use of it for SEO purposes is another great trick in expanding a business’ online presence.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agencies in Singapore are using the same SEO techniques to increase online presence. The difference is, SEM is a paid advertisement, while SEO alone is not. Businesses pay for SEM services to place their website on top of the SERPs. It is basically the first one to appear in SERPs. So, whenever the Images tab is opened, the logo of a particular business who availed SEM services will be one of the first ones to appear. This makes SEM in Singapore worth it to avail. Not only it generates significant traffic on the website, but it also creates exposure to the business’ brand and identity.


However, no matter how good SEM agencies here in Singapore are, businesses are bound to fail if they were not able to create a befitting logo. A logo serves as the identity of a business. Without it, it is hard for businesses to be distinguished in their chosen industry. They are just like any other businesses which sell the same products and services. It would be difficult to compete in the market without establishing a brand or identity.