Top Rules That An SEO Company Can Follow To Dominate Google’s SERPs


Everyone knows that Google provides the most relevant and natural search engine results in the fastest and simplest way possible. The search engine provider ingeniously categorized and catalogued all its pages with the use of its strict PageRank formula based on the power and quantity of links that are provided by a webpage. Thus, every SEO companies out there strive hard to make sure that they come up with the appropriate links to put their client’s websites in the top of the search engine pages.


During its early years, Google managed to predict and give out the most appropriate search engine results repeatedly all the time. These helped the Mountain View, California-based Internet company to defeat its rivals. But since other web-based businesses all over the world managed to take advantage of Google’s algorithm, the multinational tech giant decided to come up with changes to ensure that only the most organic and quality sites remain on top of the search engine results pages or the SERPs.


Over time, Google introduced a number of changes on its algorithm, including the strict Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates. These changes were released to remove and prevent the proliferation of spammers in the system as well as to modify its semantic search. Because of this, internet-based businesses like an up-and-coming SEM agency in Singapore would want to utilize eight basic rules to make sure that they dominate Google’s search engine pages.


First, an SEO company should make sure that they earn Google’s elusive trust. However, it is not always easy to do so especially if the agency is just starting up. That is why it is very important to invest the time and resources in making high-quality links to increase the website’s online reputation instead of resorting to various schemes that could identify it as a spam.


The second rule to dominate the leading search engine states that the website’s age is more important than its appearance. This means that a simple website with high-quality contents that has been indexed by Google for several years has a better chance in landing at the SERPs top spot compared to a very colourful and intricately designed website with a lot of contents. However, an SEO practitioner should make sure that the site still has fresh, relevant contents even if it has been indexed by Google for a while.


The third rule for search engine dominance reminds SEO professionals that the quality of the website’s contents is more important over quantity all the time. No matter how many times the site administrator uploads a new content, it will not be credited if it is poorly written or it has no relevance to the site.


Contents are also highlighted in the fourth rule for Google SERP dominance. According to the rule, the site’s content will always be the king since Google is very strict in delivering the most relevant results in the fastest time possible.


Finally, using relevant keywords is proven to be important in today’s dominance in Google’s search engine. However, the SEO practitioners must always remember to make it appear natural and avoid overdoing it.


With these five rules in mind, the SEO professional can be assured that their websites could land in the highly-coveted top pages of Google’s search engine.