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When it comes to digitalisation, having social media platforms is not enough when running an online shop. You also need to invest in an e-commerce website with the right e-commerce hosting to establish your online presence and widen your customer reach even further. 


If businesses use a normal hosting provider, chances are they will face challenges with their e-commerce website due to a lack of e-commerce related features. The plugins, apps, and tools for e-commerce websites help ease the e-commerce operation process.


Read through this article to further understand the importance of choosing the right web hosting for your e-commerce website. The following will explain the difference between a normal hosting provider and an e-commerce website hosting builder.

What Is Web Hosting?

To go live, every website and online store requires one thing: a web host. Web hosting provides a server for your website, allowing it to connect to the internet and become accessible by others.


You are buying the right to operate an unused server space of someone else for any agenda you have (e.g. video sharing platform, search engine, online shop). At the same time, you are also receiving support from a web hosting provider that knows how to keep servers safe and optimised.


Before you can choose a web hosting provider, there are two options you have to consider: unmanaged web hosting versus managed web hosting.



In short, for hassle-free management of your online store, choose managed web hosting. Since they include and support almost everything you need, you can rest assured that your e-commerce website will be up and running.


The only difference between that web hosting and e-commerce hosting is that the latter is more suitable for the online store since it has all the e-commerce website themes, apps, and plugins. All of which are included in the e-commerce website plans they offer. 


Shown below is the difference between e-commerce website hosting and normal web hosting. Even though there may not be much difference at a glance, the features and plugins used in both ecommerce websites are different.


E-commerce web hosting can showcase more of what it can offer overtime. Online shop owners can add more product categories that they are going to sell on their e-commerce websites. On the other hand, normal web hosting is only suitable for businesses that have standard and consistent products and services.


WooCommerce An Ecommerce Website Hosting Builder.gif

The GIF is an example of an e-commerce business using WooCommerce, an e-commerce website hosting builder. 


Example Of Normal Hosting Platform

The GIF is an example of an e-commerce business using a normal hosting platform.


E-commerce website is the most complex type of website to develop and manage, which is why it is important to host an online shop on a proper ecommerce website platform


An e-commerce website is the most complex type of website to develop and manage since the products and services it offers grow more. That is why it is important to host an online shop on a proper ecommerce website platform to strategically revamp your website and nudge the customers to make a purchase.

5 Benefits Of Hosting Your Online Shop On A Proper E-Commerce Hosting Platform


1. Support High Performance

Your first concern for your online shop will be finding a dependable web hosting platform. If your e-commerce website takes longer than 3 seconds, 53% of visitors will abandon it, which means a loss of potential conversions.


Having a website with high performance is a must for an online shop, and they are less likely to achieve that with a normal hosting platform. Since it does not have enough support for the e-commerce infrastructure data that an e-commerce business needs, online shops that use normal hosting platforms will often experience loading time slowdowns and sometimes crashes.


The good news is that there is an e-commerce web hosting builder like WooCommerce that can handle the needs of online shops. They offer a scalable and customisable platform, so owners of online shops can use it with ease.


2. Large Bandwidth and File Storage

E-commerce websites consume a lot of file space and are also the type of website that receives the most traffic. You will need a web hosting provider with enough resources for you, so you do not need to pay for additional storage.


Images and videos are a vital part of any website’s design, and you will need a lot of them to showcase your products and services more effectively. Ecommerce websites, in particular, consume a lot of storage space. Every product uploaded will require multiple high-resolution images or short videos, and once your store grows large enough, chances are you will most likely track where all your file space has gone.


An e-commerce web hosting builder can resolve that since they often offer large bandwidth and file storage options.


3. Strong Database Performance Potential

The traffic coming to an e-commerce website can be unpredictable since many factors come into play. Apart from holidays, new trends can also be a factor. For example, online sales of grocery purchases increased by up to 25% within two weeks since the news of COVID-19 spreading across the world broke out last March 2020. 


With this sudden surge of traffic, online shop owners should choose a platform that provides scalable hosting. That way, there will be little to no downtime when consumers start to go to your e-commerce website and make a purchase.


WooCommerce offers various scalable hosting plans to support the possible growing demands of an online shop.


4. Dedicated Technical Support Team

Even though e-commerce web hosting builders offer a high-performance platform, the chance of experiencing technical issues is still possible, which is why you need to choose the ones providing proactive support.


Proactive support means there will be a group of e-commerce website development experts that will be helping you when technical issues arise on your e-commerce website 24/7.


Let’s say you notice that your e-commerce website is not receiving much mobile traffic due to a responsive web design issue. Instead of looking for a third party to resolve this case, the technical support team of your chosen e-commerce web hosting builder should be able to fix it as long as you notify them and describe the problem as precisely as possible.


5. Strong Security Capabilities

Apart from technical issues, hackers often target e-commerce websites to steal sensitive data. If an e-commerce website has poor security measures, it increases the chances of cyberattack on your website.


It is up to you and your developers to strengthen the security of the codes of your e-commerce website. However, that is the only reason hackers can hack. A lack of security on the part of your web hosting provider can also put your e-commerce website at risk, including your customers. 


That is why you should choose an e-commerce web hosting builder that offers full security. To guarantee this, make sure the web host has a hacker-free policy. If they have this document, consider reading through the entire file to know what areas the e-commerce web hosting builder will cover. 

Summing Up

Too many new ecommerce websites suffer from the same issue: a lousy web host causes slow loading times, poor security, and a lack of support. Starting with a low-cost shared host may appear to be a good deal, but the negative impact on your bottom line is not worth it.


When choosing an ecommerce hosting company, seek one that can scale to meet your business’s needs and offers both high-quality and economical options.


For more information about ecommerce website design and hosting, reach out to OOm at 6391-0930 or leave a message on our website. Our ecommerce website development team will be more than glad to help you understand what you need to know. 

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