Hitting Home: What You Need to Know About Emotional Marketing

Have you ever watched a commercial that almost moved you to tears? That maybe, if only it were more nuanced and if only you have watched more, you may actually become invested and eventually bawl your eyes out? These commercials often show day-to-day life living with a flair of drama or spiced with a little […]

Survival Guide on Handling Social Media (For Brand Management)

Many people think social media management is easy. Well, we can’t blame them: almost everyone is on social media 24/7, and if they (ordinary, non-marketing people) can get likes and engagements, anyone can. Well, here’s the thing: social media management for brands is entirely different from social media management of your personal profile. Sure, maybe […]

How Emotional Marketing Can Get You Loyal Customers

Have you ever watched a movie or series and cried after? Have you laughed so hard that you cried after reading a joke your friend shared with you online? If you have been in these situations before, it would be easy for you to understand emotional marketing and why it’s such a powerful tool, especially […]

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