How Emotional Marketing Can Get You Loyal Customers

Have you ever watched a movie or series and cried after? Have you laughed so hard that you cried after reading a joke your friend shared with you online?


If you have been in these situations before, it would be easy for you to understand emotional marketing and why it’s such a powerful tool, especially in the age of digital marketing.


What Is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to draw out your customer’s emotional side. This marketing strategy focuses on meaningful and emotionally engaging content while subtly promoting your brand.


It’s no mystery that emotions play a huge role in a person’s purchasing decision, and many marketers have already done emotional marketing in TV ads and radio.


But the effects of emotional marketing is even stronger in social media and the digital sphere than any other medium.




Because new technology is bringing brand-consumer relationships deeper into a personal level: individual, personalized messages instead of mass broadcasting.


Emotional Marketing in Social Media

When people engage in social media, users look for connection — and the best way to connect with like-minded people is through emotional cues.


Actions like liking, sharing, and commenting on posts are ways of finding these emotional connections; when a post triggers a strong emotional response, users tend to act on it and try to find people who get the same response so they can engage with one another.


Emotional Marketing does the exact same thing, but instead of person-to-person, it becomes person-to-brand. When your brand puts out a highly-emotional content that get social media users to act on the emotional trigger, users tend to engage with the brand and form a conversation.


For a brand, this is the first step in growing an online following that could turn into loyal customers, especially if your brand’s message resonates strongly enough with a wide range of people.


Growing A Loyal Following

Once your brand’s emotional message has been widely received by like-minded people, keeping them engaged with one another and with the brand will strengthen the support.


This means that any emotional marketing efforts should be consistent when delivering its message as any inconsistency will shake the foundation of your brand’s following; digital marketers must learn to make content engaging and meaningful to followers in order to remain relevant in their lives.


Regular posting is also important in growing your brand’s following. Updating social media pages help keep followers up-to-date with what the brand is doing and keeping them reminded about what the brand stands for and why they follow it.


Brand-awareness is an important aspect in growing loyal followers and customers, especially in a platform like social media where users are finding brands that they can connect with personally. The more aware customers are with your brand’s initiatives and purpose, the more emotionally inclined they are into supporting your brand.


Emotional marketing is important for a brand that wants to thrive in the changing marketing landscape. That’s why it is best to hire a team of professionals to help you with your marketing efforts.