5 Tips to Surviving Google Algorithm Updates

Some of us do not sit well with frequent changes happening in our lives. Some want to remain in control and secure and that’s okay—it’s how we roll, anyway. However, an unchangeable fact is that everything is changing and we will all be required to adjust. Besides, how will we roll without an external force […]

Google Algorithm Updates in 2019: What’s Happened and What Will Happen

Every time you notice a change in your website rankings or the traffic it receives, it’s almost always likely that a recent Google algorithm update is to blame.  The search engine has a long history of algorithm updates, fixes, and refreshes. When you think SEO is already too complicated, Google seems to be at full […]

Google Algorithm: How to Stay Up-to-Date?

Google algorithm plays an essential role in how your website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). The only problem is that Google updates its algorithm about 600 times a year – and that’s roughly two new updates every day. Although most of these updates are minor, there are occasional major algorithm updates that […]

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