Creating Doppelgangers: The Secret Art Of Creating Similar Audience profiles

If you love listening or reading horror stories on the internet, then you might have heard scary accounts of people seeing someone that looks exactly like them on the street. German folklore called these look-alikes “Doppelgangers.” But what do Doppelgangers have to do with digital marketing? What does an ancient horror story have to do with modern-day marketing? Just […]

Freebies & Giveaways: When Should You Do It?

Everybody loves getting something for free. Free umbrella? Great! Free discount on your next restaurant visit? Even better! When it comes to giving freebies and giveaways, some marketers are torn on whether it actually works and drives continuous sales, or their just devaluing their products and services by giving them away. But we’re not here […]

Building Your Social Media Profile (For Start-up Businesses)

In the world that we live in now, almost everyone is routinely fixed to getting up in the morning, picking up their phones by the bedside table, and look through social media. If not all of us, most of us do this on a daily basis– this is the reason why it seems we’re all […]

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