Mobile-First Index 2019: An Overview

Mobile-first indexing is not new in Google’s algorithm. In fact, it has been around since 2016, and it continues to be used in ranking websites. Today, mobile-first indexing became more of a priority over desktop-first indexing. This is because more and more users are using mobile phones instead of desktops or laptops when browsing the […]

How Not to Destroy Your Mobile Performance

A website’s mobile performance has been in close scrutiny for these past few years. Mostly because everyone knows that the market online is shifting steadily towards mobile use. Those that fail to adapt and ride this wave are left in the dust. At this point, if you know your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you […]

Half Of Everything is Now Mobile-First Indexed

After the mildly exciting holiday buzz has slowly drifted away from our shores, a few gems on the sand are left behind. One of which is Google’s latest good news. Well, to some, it can be another bad news of the year. Mobile-first indexing was first rolled out by Google on March 26th of 2018. […]

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