Can You Do SEO without Knowing Anything about it

A lot of us SEO’s pride ourselves in years of training and experience. Some of us had gotten through the toughest times in SEO with dozens and dozens of campaigns that had been brutally eaten alive right in front of our eyes. But what is inspiring (but can be greatly infuriating for a lot of […]

Why Does Google Change Meta Descriptions?

There are a few mysteries in the universe that we may never get to solve. The direct route of a storm, the existence of the afterlife etc. Fortunately, changing Meta descriptions on search results isn’t one of them. After modifying all those Meta descriptions for your pages, like the good SEO you ought to be, […]

How To Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric that we all use in our everyday lives as SEO’s. This number indicates the level of authority a website has. So it goes both ways. You want your site to have high levels of this at the same time, you want to go and land a link on websites that […]

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